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When to stop breastfeeding

when to stop breastfeedingHow did you know you were ready to stop breastfeeding?

  • I stopped at 8 weeks. My son was a great feeder, I had a great supply and I really enjoyed it…..until my son turned 6 weeks old. After that, he just wouldn’t latch. Would constanly cry when I tried to feed him. He wasn’t gaining weight but loosing. Had about 4 or 5 doctors appointments in those 2 weeks. I had little to no help, as my partner was away working and I live nowhere near family and had no friends. So I struggled big time. Constanly saying “formula tomorrow”. Then tomorrow would come. Stood in front of the tins for half an hour. I couldn’t buy it. …then we’d have another screaming match..”formula tomorrow”. 2 weeks later I caved in, and bought a tin. As soon as I made a bottle, my son was finally satisfied! For the first time in weeks, he drank without screaming. He drank the whole bottle, so thought I would offer the breast after. Took 3 sucks and started screaming again.. that’s when I knew my breastfeeding journey was up.  Had a pediatrician applaud me for my effort. She says most people give up within the first 3 days. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that I had done a good job. Tiffany
  • #1 breastfed until 2 yrs old as the relationship changed, she changed – breastfeeding is a relationship which i think is often ignored…#2 still going strong at 2yrs 2months…still get odd comments but i am like whatever…it’s so normal to breastfeed a toddler women should have never been told it’s not…to think with #1 i was like “well the books says 6months is all you need” when i seeked out good info i realised what a load of crap that was….hopefully our generation will breakdown those stereotypes and breastfeed as long as its mutually exclusive….most anthropology and science strongly shows really humans are meant to wean around 4 or 5 yrs old but we are strongly conditioned to think that’s weird which it’s not its just past generations have strongly influenced the thinking which i think is still being overcome. Natalie
  • I didn’t and still am unsure with my 19 almost 20 month old (stopped just short of 17 months). Sometimes you know, sometimes baby knows and sometimes circumstance makes it happen!  We are all different and we are all beautiful! Kirstyn
  • I love there are so many different answers here and not one negative comment!! 15 mths no 1 came to a mutual end probably due to pregnancy (like many). Number 2 still going strong, although I don’t feel the need to wean I desperately feel the need to have a good nights sleep so will have to wind it up over the next couple of months, this mummy’s done!! Emma
  • I’m currently still feeding my 16 month old and trying to decide when to stop. I fed my first baby until 17 months old so around then was my aim. Ive had a few people say ‘you are still feeding her?’ making me feel like I shouldnt be still. I keep saying to myself ‘just a few more weeks’ but I’m enjoying our time for a few minutes before bed and knowing she is my last baby I am finding it hard to stop. Now im thinking I might keep going for a few more months while she is happy to feed from me still. Bethany
  • I’m still breast feeding my 13mo.. My parter brang it up today asking if I wanted to stop and if I felt pressured to I don’t have to.. I said no it still works for us, he gets a feed before bed if he is with me and not at FDC or with my partner otherwise he takes a bottle no worries so I don’t see a need to stop anytime soon. Ashlee
  • 2 years old. I had set that as my goal, my daughter was only having very quick feeds before nap and bedtime, so about a week after her birthday I started giving her cows milk in a sippy cup before bedtime and she accepted it, then another week later I tried it for her nap and she accepted that. We both were ready and I wasn’t in a hurry to wean. Michelle
  • 2 weeks as I had size jj boobs and a 12/14 frame! Couldn’t breath! Sarah
  • I stopped when my son was 17 weeks, he was in the NICU because he was 14 weeks prem. He was still suffering really bad GERD so in consultation with the docs we swapped to thickened formula. He came home 24 hours after switching so I was happy with the choice at the time but I wished I had explored different options, he is 21 months old now and I still regret giving up so soon. We both enjoyed it but he couldn’t keep the milk down. Liz
  • I breast fed until I went back to work! At about 4 months!! You stop when it is no longer enjoyable or working for your situation!! Alicia
  • Cold turkey at 14 weeks then 2 days later diagnosed cows milk protein intolerence. Hot shower and cabbage leaves plus tight bra. Alana
  • With my first two I stopped at around 4 months as I’d had enough, found it really difficult with my first two. With my 3rd, his 8 weeks and its 100 times better with him, so I’ll just see. Annalisa
  • At 12 months I was done. I’d just had enough. I started a bit of mix feeding at 10 months due to supply issues after illness. My son really took to cows milk at 12 months. We were both just done. I really enjoyed feeding but everything has an end point for me it was toddlerhood. I expect I’ll prob feel the same with no 2 who’s due in a mon or so. Rachelle
  • Still feeding my 13 month old twice a day and not looking at stopping anytime soon… She hates milk and bottles so will keep going until she has had enough. Cindy
  • Gave it up when she turned 1. I was back working part time, was 2 mths pregnant and she was already down to 1 feed so wasn’t a big drama for her. Rebecca
  • My son is just over 2 & I’m ready, he’s not….It’s getting painful so slowly but surely stopping. Krystal
  • #1 self weaned 7 weeks before his third birthday. I didn’t want to push him, but I was ready to stop as I was also feeding his brother! #2 I had to wean at 19.5 months because I was (am) pregnant again, and I found that breastfeeding was making me crazy. I felt guilty about cutting my second son off so much earlier than my first, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Hoping to feed my third and last baby for at least two years. Amy
  • Both mine gave it up around 9mths. I had no choice. I wanted to go to 12mths. Niki
  • I stopped breastfeeding my second child when he was 2 years and 3 months.. he was nursing pretty much all night on me (co slept) and it started to hurt my back and annoy my nipple… he was ready as well though because it was SO easy, it only took hubby two nights and my little one stopped asking for it. I didn’t breastfeed my first unfortunately as I was very young and just followed what my mother told me to do. Tara
  • Self weaned them all. 19mo DD still nurses at night. Would have let her continue during day but she wasn’t gaining any weight so dr demand whole milk during day which She resisted very adamantly for few weeks. She signs & it was heartbreaking telling her no & trying to give her a cup She wanted nothing to do with  She would more than happily still nurse during day but is now ok with sippy cups. I will let her decide when to wean from night time. VallieAnn
  • I knew it was time to stop when I was using a breast pump and tablets to keep my supply up. I stopped at 4 months. I would have kept going but had an unusual reaction to my breast pump which cracked my nipples and I couldnt breastfeed or pump till they healed. This meant that my supply was constantly going under. My son was being mix fed from 3 weeks due to problems breastfeeding so I made the decision that we would both be far happier without the stress. Aileen
  • I stopped breastfeeding fully from 6 months. Before I had bub I was almost certain I would breastfeed until 12 months but although I found it an amazing experience I got to the point where I was feeling extremely drained from doing it and wanted my boobs back. That’s when I knew I was ready to stop even though I struggled with making and accepting the decision. Margie
  • My DS was 13months when I weaned him. By that age he had all but his 4 2 year old molars so BF became painful with his top teeth rubbing. He was obviously ready as we didn’t have any problems. Rhiannon
  • Both times my body chose not me so was disappointing. Katrina
  • I needed to stop when my son was 22 months old because I fell pregnant and was in so much pain when he would latch. He handled it fine. Shanaye
  • She was 10 months old. I knew i wanted my body back and my supply was dropping. Listen to your gut and what you want not what others believe. Hayley
  • Still demand feeding at 14 months. I don’t mind so I’m happy to keep going. Trying to cut back on day feeds though to fatten her up a bit. Amy
  • I breast fed till little one self weaned at 11 months. Planned to stop at five months when returned to work full time but little miss refused bottle even from professional daycare workers who ended up drip feeding her. She did take solids and water during day and breast evenings and mornings. Saw community nurse and consulted paediatrician who saw no prob as she had yoghurt and melted cheese with purée foods. She thrived but saw other babies with bottles and wanted them too. Paula
  • I stopped at about 9 months, I just didn’t find it as enjoyable anymore as at first and it started to become a task I didn’t want to do (as horrible as that sounds) but when we stared with bottle feeds I found my mood got better and I started being more happy and realised I had made the right decision to stop. Pregnant with #2 and planning to BF for as long as I can again!! Jade
  • With my first I had no choice but I am still breastfeeding our 2nd who will be 1 in a few weeks. I feel like I am not ready to stop feeding him but I don’t see how my sleep can improve without stopping. Waking too frequent and it’s so easy to give him milk. I love feeding him though so I am not ready yet. Hopefully he makes the decision for me. Hope you get the answer you are looking for. Melissa
  • My first I was told I had to stop at 11 1/2 months (to be told 3 months later that actually I didn’t. ). My second I got to 14 months on two feeds and came down with a dose of gastro and she took to milk okay so… My third we got to 19 months on 1 feed a day and she looked up at me and her eyes just gently said no more and we haven’t gone back. Overall when you need/want to or when bub decides no more! Rosalie
  • I didn’t have a choice my daughter decided at 7 months old she had enough so I expressed as well as gave her formula. Linda
  • I solely breastfed for 12 months then started to mix feed.. Bubba still loves the boob but doesn’t fill her enough so we introduced formula coz milk had reactions to her tummy x Shea-Lee
  • With my first I gave up, second I was determined to continue so I did til I fell pregnant again. Then with third he gave up at 11 months, 4th gave up at 10 months. If you are happy to continue do so. Peta
  • My boy was biting me constantly! It hurt so I cut him off! 6 months old!! Was only my aim to feed to 6 months so worked well:) Ashlee
  • I stopped at 4 months with my 2nd cause my supply just couldn’t keep up with his demand I wasn’t able the breast feed my 1st due to medical problems and my supply just didn’t come in so couldn’t even express I was so set on breast feeding my 2nd. As long as it feel right for you your the only person that can determine when to stop or to keep going. Heidi
  • At 12 mths. My son weaned himself. But friends have stopped earlier for work or because they wanted their body back. Hayley
  • With my first he weaned himself at 12 1/2 mths, I was saddened but happy as we both new it was time. But with my twin girls, we’re still going at 25mths. I have 1 that likes a comfort and the other a good suck. All I can say, each child and each mother is different, you’ll both know when the time is right! Good luck. Nicole
  • I stopped when my son was 18 months. He wasn’t eating solids properly for his age and relying on breast milk as his main food source so I gave up one day and his eating has only improved since then. I was glad I did it as he was waking in the night for feeds as he wasn’t eating enough solids so it improved his sleeping as well. Anna
  • I stopped at 10 months because we fell pregnant again and I was suffering extreme morning sickness. Magella
  • Started cutting down around 6 months and completely stopped at 8 months…. I hated having to stop but I was losing too much weight….in the end I kept telling myself my son needed a healthy mummy and that helped with the guilt of stopping . Hannah
  • Still going at 15 months, 3 times a day, but I’ve started to dream of the end when I can have my body back. Amanda
  • I didn’t really have a choice, with dd I only BF for 7very stressful weeks till her paediatrian put her on prescription formula due to intolerances and ds only got 6 weeks until he was admitted to hospital with broncholitis and my very low supply couldn’t last the week plus he couldn’t feed for. Maeghan
  • 8 and a half months with twins… They were more excited about food and bottles. They started to lose interest and I jumped at the chance. Emma
  • I bf my daughter until she was 8.5 months as my supply was getting low and dhe got hrr bottom teeth. I am currently exl bf my 4 month old son. Kirsten
  • I stopped when my son was 15 months in order to improve our chances of falling pregnant. So glad I persevered through the hard times with it and got to enjoy such a great bonding time with my son. Kirstan
  • I stopped at 2yrs 4 months.. My son would still be on if I had fell pregnant with my 2nd. I suffered horrible morning sickness and the breast feeding wore me out even more so felt it was best I stop and give my body a break and my son was fine with it. We do things in their time in our house and luckily for me he was fine with it  stop whenever you are ready! Don’t ever feel pressured no matter what age. Kathryn
  • 13 months. I spent 2 nights away from him and he didn’t fuss for a morning feed just happily ate a banana when he got up so I decided we were done! Oh boy was I pleased to eat dairy again!!! Kelsi
  • I stopped when my son was 2yrs old because it was starting to make me uncomfortable. Toyah
  • I stopped after two weeks. Suffering pnd and had to express as bubs couldn’t latch the whole expressing was exhausting me and making me resent bubs more so was in both out best interest to switch to formula. Steff
  • I stopped bf when dd was just over 15months. She just lost interest, probably mainly due to the fact I was pregnant. I was ready to give up though, wanted my body back for a while before number 2 arrives! Jane
  • I stopped with my first when she was 6mths. She was a very needy unhappy baby who didn’t like sleeping and I needed some time out for my sanity. With my second I stopped when he was 8wks as he unfortunately didn’t like to feed from me. I wasn’t ready to stop so it was very very hard for me to let it go and stop. It was the best thing to do though and he is a happy content little fella now. Carmel
  • I had a lot of trouble breast feeding and spent months in tears over the thought of giving up. A lactation consultant told me that I would know when my journey was over and I did. From 3-6mths I cried at the thought of it, I went through a major emotional journey. At 6mths when I did give up suddenly I just knew it was time. It felt right and it no longer upset me. Lauren
  • I knew to stop when I wasn’t enjoying it any more and my son was not interested in being still while feeding so it got difficult he was about 17 months. Naomi
  • I stopped at 4 months with my second daughter never really planned to breast feed due to low supply with first daughter. I mix fed my second daughter from birth and by four months bottle feeding was way easier so just switched. Amanda
  • My first I stopped when i was about 8 months pregnant. I knew I’d be in hospital for about 5 days and knew it would be trialling enough for her without suddenly having no boob. She was about 19 months. My second I weaned when he was about 2 and a half. I had just had enough, he was waking every 40 minutes wanting a feed, well a comfort, and after a really bad night I decided in the morning, and that was it. Both were a lot easier for them than for me! Lol Jo
  • He was biting me. To attach they have to use their tongue. If he is biting he is not eating. So I tried a bottle. He scoffed it. It seamed he preferred to look around the room while eating. He was 6 mth. Jessica
  • I wasn’t! But she was and self weaned at 16mths. I was 16wks pregnant and am sure that is when something with my milk changed. Nat
  • #1 was just shy of 6 weeks, he had a lip tie that wasn’t picked up so wasn’t attaching and was losing weight, I mix fed him from 5 days and expressed as much as possible but damage was already done and it all dried up, #2 is almost 16 months and still going but I’m done, I want her to wean so bad, I’m 9 weeks pregnant and have been spewing my guts up all day long for 3 1/2 weeks, but she won’t have a bar of formula or cows milk, she is fine with a bottle so long as it’s breast milk : ( Bec

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