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When To Tell Your Boss You Are having a baby

How did you notify your employer you were having a baby? Verbally or by email? And what did you say exactly?

  • In person at about 15 weeks, then they asked for dates in writing later to send off for pays. Just came right out and said I’m pregnant! Vanessa
  • Verbally & I said “I made your coffee extra strong cause I have some news to tell you!!!” Alysha
  • I told my boss over the phone at about 8 weeks as he needed to know for safety reasons,, he had also been away and we couldn’t organize a meeting. Elizabeth
  • I told my boss when I was 7 weeks as I needed to put my baby’s name down on our waiting list. The CEO found out when I was around 14 weeks. I spoke to my boss and asked if she had a moment to chat, she said she did and so I closed the door + sat down and just said it. I work in child care and had a great relationship with my boss. Carly
  • My immediate supervisors were told verbally but the head office was interstate and were advised via email by my manager. I also had to provide a statutory declaration. Belinda
  • Verbally “I found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant yesterday”. Kirsty
  • I was hoping to get a promotion so I spoke to my new boss in person and said “I have a confession to make…!” Angela
  • My principal called me for a meeting about something else and at the end asked me when I was going to tell her I was pregnant, I burst into tears haha. I was only 8 weeks but apparently wasn’t hiding the morning (all day/bucket in my classroom) sickness very well. Kirralee
  • I actually told my boss before I told my Mum. Purely because if something happened at work I wanted to be covered/ correct first aid medical care given to keep the baby safe. Astrid
  • I told me bosses verbally, I told th when found out! And I told the big bosses with a pic of Bub when I was 12 weeks, when start after the u/s as it was just few shops away! Jess
  • Verbally and I told them as soon as it had been confirmed by the blood test as I was nursing at the time, it was more for safety reasons. Christie
  •  I have a great relationship with my boss and told him I was pregnant (both) times as soon as I found out (around 4-5 weeks). There’s no point trying to hide it or be sneaky about it. It helped my to get organised for replacements while I was on leave. Zeah

When did you tell your boss you were having a baby? How was the experience?



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