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Which brand of nappies?

NappiesI have been trying to work out which nappies to use for my baby who is arriving in a couple of weeks, but I don’t even know where to start! What does everyone recommend and why?
  • Baby Love, super absorbent 🙂 Sam
  • Baby love dri wave. My bub can sleep through the night sometimes 12hrs and never ever once had a leak at all. Love them and would never go back. No nappy rash nothing. I also switched from huggies. Kaila
  • I used to use huggies before they reduced the absorbency on them. I have switched to Aldi and they are half the price and so much better. I use cloth nappies during the day. Jacinta
  • I tried baby love but they smelt funny to me, I have also tried snuggler and they were ok for a while but my little man is very sensitive and started getting nappy rash from them. I stuck with huggies, they were absorbant and I didn’t need to use other products like powders or creams until recently. I am gonna stick with them for now and see if they can fix the problems with them. Lexie
  • Brand never failed my son and I, great absorbtion, good quality, great design and cheap too 🙂 Elisha
  • Aldi – cheapest by far and have had no problems with them yet. Stacey
  • Ever since Safeway & Coles dropped their prices on Huggies I reckon the quality has dropped, alot!! I now use snugglers, they’re fantastic & literally half the price! Kate
  • I was using huggies but now I use aldi brand as they are the only ones my son does not get nappie rash from but for my daughter I use huggies still but I have found I have to change her more as she is wets though them. Tammy
  • I use the brand dymples they are cheap and they are good as my 6.5 month old sleeps all night and its a brand that doesnt leak through Toyah
  • I actually use Modern Cloth nappies. Love them to bits!!! But when I do have to use disposables it was huggies till they changed their design and then went to snugglers. Nicole
  • I use to only buy huggies but the quality and absorbency is not worth the money anymore so I switched to Aldi and love them. Lynelle
  • Woolworths select, they stay dry over night, never had any leakage at all and no nappy rash! great value for money too! Sarah
  • Love ALDI, soft & gentle on skin, super adsorbent. Never had a leak & by far the cheapest. Pampers are also my Fav but $$$ Katrina
  • Aldi brand, Mamia, half the price and have never had a leak and my daughter sleeps 12 hours every night. Erin
  • I use Huggies, not happy with them but have tried all the others and don’t like the thinness of all the rest 🙁 hard to find a decent nappy at all! Kierrin
  • Aldi!! theyre great and very cheap. just wish they always had them in boxes and not as a special thing… Kate
  • I was using huggies but now I use snugglers. As its the only one that my son doesn’t wet thru at night Amee
  • Babylove cause there cheaper for more and hold on to everything especially overnight. And with pulls up pants u can start to get em ready for potty training 😉 Narkia
  • I love comfy bots or dri bot Han
  • I use Huggies cos I they were made in Australia. Jo
  • Dri bots!! target brand no leaks overnight, baby love leaked for me Bek
  • Priceline -bambini. they seem to be bigger without being bulky. My dd goes 12 hrs overnight and hasn’t leaked yet! Tiffany
  • Comfy bots (Coles brand) went from huggies to aldi, then as a once off brought the Coles brand and haven’t looked back $12.99 for a 50 pack and are thinker then aldi ones Aimee
  • Baby love. Very soft and absorbent. Overnight use has never leaked for me. I would be interested to know if the newborn size is as good as the toddler aged ones. Terri
  • We use a combination of pampers (great if ur bubs has hip probs), dymples (for overnight absorbancy – my miss sleeps up to 16 hrs overnight!) and safeway homebrand (NOT select brand) for general all round cheap day nappies Tamara
  • Snugglers and babylove dri wave cheap and never leak for my son who sleeps nearly 12hrs a nite Tenneale
  • I used Huggies for the first 6 weeks then moved on to green kids MCN. If we were to have another baby I would try other brand for the first six weeks. Belle
  • I swear by BIG W brand Dymples. They are cheap, my son never gets rashes, like he did with huggies and they keep him feeling dry even when full. $23.95 for every size from newborn to walker, the amount will be less the bigger the nappy but even with walker you get 84 for $23.95. Tegan
  • Babylove driweave, woolworths select, coles gumnut or aldi are all pretty good & work great for my boy (been doing a big nappy trial lately lol) Rebecca
  • I love huggies they have only leaked once and that was when my daughter decided to sleep 17 hours so I expected it! I didn’t like their newborn nappies tho coz her poo explosions always came up and out the front. I think they were a slightly different shape Kate
  • Aldi all the way. Cheaper and more absorbent. Kym
  • Mcns but snugglers at night. They are not as good as before they changed the box size, dropped the price and changed the size. Emily
  • Huggies always my girls had bad nappy rash and explosions in the other brands Libby
  • Aldi – cheapesy, and never had an issue with them. Will also woolworths brand nappies if i am out longer than expected and need nappies. Tellina
  • I’m a modern cloth nappy user, but I put my son in Aldi nappy at night, never had a leak and he sleeps through the night, Naomi
  • Huggies, I have never had a problem. The only nappy rash ever came from using another brand of nappy with my son. My daughter is over two now, have only ever used huggies and has never had a mark on her bum 🙂 I have been checking the boxes for made in Australa and have been fine, it’s only the imported ones that have issues with them… Alma
  • Switched from huggies to baby love dri wave which are great and no leakages throughout the night. Joanne
  • Baby love dry wave my 4 month old sleeps 9 sometimes 10 hours no leaks he’s dry in the morning and no nappy rash absolutely recommend them!! Anna
  • Huggies for the last two years but really not happy withthem anymore, slowly they have been getting worse, we had our first leakage the other day…during the day!!! Rachael
  • Atm im using coles infants and there great =D but ill be ditching the disposables for material for around the house and only useing disposables when out n about …… i like snugglers and coles brand not the plan packeted ones the coloured ones not a fan of huggies my little mans only 2 weeks and huggies always seem to leack everything everywere Julie
  • I have never had a problem with Huggies, ive used them on 3 babys from 1997 to now. I have always used them and will keep on using them. Ive tried other brands and they havent matched up as good as Huggies. I find Snugglers the closest to H…uggies, Baby love are okay but they get a mushy lumpy feel to them when full, yuck! Pampers were good when newborn but no good when older. Ive used the day/night nappies too they were okay. Stull have always gone back to Huggies. Kristy
  • I use babylove during the day and huggies at night, babylove a great!! There really soft on the inside to! There just not as absorbent as huggies I hate huggies there expensive and not worth hardly any of the money you pay for em! Only good for night time, babylove are a lot cheaper then huggies to Anna
  • I swear by Aldi brand Mamia! They have never leaked…..even when my daughter had diarrhoea. and an added bonus, they’re so cheap! i switched from huggies after my daughter leaked every night in huggies. i will only ever use Mamia from now on 🙂 Bethany
  • I’m a babylove fan. Don’t like their nappy pants but their regular nappies have been great for my daughter. No leakages at all. Rebecca
  • Coles brand with the little gum drop babies on them just as good maybe even better than huggies! I trailed 3 diff brands last week and I’m def sticking with coles! Rih
  • Babylove are awesome, they have never leaked on my daughter and there newborn nappies have a bit cut out for there belly button. Kate
  • I love snugglers. They are like the old huggies. they never leak and my dd sleeps in them at night. they are cheaper and I am one happy mumma. I do use mcns as well during the day. Holly
  • I use cloth nappies but put my little one in nature baby nappies at night….. If she sleeps through she wakes up dry but if she needs a night feed, We have to change her or she wakes up wet Carly
  • Snugglers are made by huggies! Danielle
  • I’m currently using Huggies, planning on trying other brands out as Huggies are the most expensive. Nicole
  • I only use Huggies, never had a problem 🙂 Kellie
  • Love huggies because they seem to fit better on my children and all the other brands gave my children really bad nappy rash Nyssa
  • I swear by huggies they were brilliant for my son and when my next DS is born in October he will be in huggies 🙂 Jasmine
  • Woolworths homebrand, they r really absorbent for my 18mth old & have swore by them since he was about 2 months. Previously used huggies which he wet through that’s why I changed Emma
  • I’m a babylove fan! They just feel nice! I use cloth nappies and mcns while at home during the day, but all other times babylove all the way! She sleeps up to 12 hours a night and never had a leakage and they are definately full in the morning! Anne
  • I love huggies, never had a single leak or nappy rash in 11 months 🙂 Leah
  • I use the newborn and have found them to be great so far. Started with huggies and did have some leaks. Was give the babylove and really like them.  Helen
  • We use Aldi during the day and Huggies at night. I find the Aldi ones are really soft and mould better which means less leaking but I don’t think they draw the moisture away as well as Huggies do. But if your changing every few hours then they are fabulous! Love Huggies but they are just so expensive! Elyse
  • Woolies homebrand are what we use here for night, cloth during the day. Recently tried coles comfy bots for nights and had to start changing him in the middle of the night as he was getting a full nappy and it was soaking him and waking him up. Huggies never could keep up with my heavy wetter but woolies homebrand do. Lea
  • I switched to baby love after having poop explosions everyday with Huggies lol. I tried the aldi ones but I didn’t like the fit 🙂 Liz
  • I use cloth and MCN’s during the day and on outings and night time I use Baby Love. I was using Huggies, but switched to Baby Love for cost reasons and I think they’re just as good if not better than Huggies. Louise
  • baby love dry wave n never looking back! theyr brillant!!! Jolene
  • I used huggies for my son as a newborn and was happy but realistically cost me too much.. I swapped to babylove dri wave but found them very thin, then i moved to snugglers as they are just like huggies just $20 a box not $33! shame they don’t sell them at Coles or Safeway! Ellie
  • I use Huggies but found that when my boy grew out of the newborn Huggies, the infant Huggies were still too big but the target dri bots newborn nappies fit perfectly for that time. Blaire
  • I use Woolworths brand nappies. My husband won’t let me buy huggies cos they seem to leak a lot. I’d pick woollies nappies any day! Melissa
  • Mostly cloth but when away either, baby love, Woolies select, aldi all work great and fit comfy with. O marks. Very absorbent 🙂 Kirsty
  • Woolworths Select!!!! Definitely the best quality I’ve found for the best price!! Kelly
  • The new baby love and snugglers. Amy
  • Babylove are the best! I will never go back to huggies.. Huggies don’t hold the poo or wee at all compared to babylove! Natalie
  • We use cloth (the ‘new age’ mcn ,not terry squares lol). Never any supply issues and you can completely customise where you need most absorption so you don’t get leaks 😀 Samantha
  • Save money and the world your child will grow up in and use fabric nappies. You can buy such a range of snug fitting ones and I believe save around $3000 per baby! And you don’t have to lug them home for shops etc etc Maureen
  • Cloth were the way to go when my kids were babes. The disposables cost too much back then to use all the time. Plus not enough research had gone into them for mums to want to risk using them all the time, only just for days out for convenie…nce. I did use snuggles & huggies though when I needed to as they were better quality for $. I guess the times have changed a lot though. All my kids ran around the yard & house in training pants (usually no pants when they could) in summer at home. They were all toilet trained pretty early in those days too because a lot of us Mums didn’t work while their kids were babies so you could afford to spend the time on persevering with toilet training. But now most Mums have to work in order for the household to survive. It’s a pity but that’s life. Michelle
  • We use a combination for my 16 mth DD? I use Babylove nappy pants when we’re at home and Woolworths Select for daycare. We’ve recently switched to theses after using Snugglers & Huggies. Thought I’d give the cheaper options a go and been pleasantly surprised. Kelly

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  1. AvatarStacey says:

    My hospital used Baby Love and when I got home I already had Huggies but Will change tonthe baby love ones after these Huggies are finished.

  2. AvatarLibby says:

    I love the comfy bots and baby love never had a problem,