Baby Hints & Tips

Baby Hints and Tips Pop Up Shop!

Be a part of our Facebook pop up shop and meet brand new customers who have a big bump or a little person!

Our audience of over a quarter of a million mums is standing by waiting to buy.  They love nothing more than a wine and a browse and we’re getting them pumped to shop with you.  Got stock to clear? 

This is the ultimate bargain hunt for sellers targeting mums and mums to be!

Pop Up Shop

Our next pop up shop:  Sunday March 18, 8pm ADST

Price to participate: $100  

    Pop up shop    

    Do I need to discount products?

    YES, this is the ideal place to get rid of old stock, sell off discontinued lines and nab new customers with a loss leader.  All stock must be at a minimum 25% discounted.  It’s all about hyping up our audience with GENUINE bargains.

    I can’t make this one, when is the next one?

    Simply fill in the above form and we’ll include you in the list – that way you’ll get FIRST option to join future pop up shops.

    How much will future pop up shops cost?

    At present, the Baby Hints and Tips Pop Up Shop inclusion fee is just $100.


    How does it all work?

    On the night of the event, we’ll hype up a crowd of shoppers and then send them one at a time to everyone’s sale folders (on Facebook). They’ll be encourage to like your FB page, shop and then come back to the BHT page ready for the next one. Simple right?

    What do I need to do to prepare?

    In the days before the event:

    Tease your audience about big news coming up for those who love a good Facebook frenzy! These events tend to go well with wine, chocolate and cheese, and making a fun “party” of it will get you more sales.

    Create a folder ON YOUR COMPUTER – NOT ON YOUR FB PAGE with images of all the products you plan to sell.

    Create a document with a product description of each which includes:

    1. The Product name and description

    2. The number of items available (be specific for each size and colour if applicable)

    3. The full price and the BHT Pop Up Shop ONLY Price

    4. The URL where they can go to buy the product at that price (or if you’re processing through Facebook, which may be easier depending on your shopping cart, a note to let them know you will PM them with instructions on how to pay and to check their message requests)

    5. Postage costs and anything they need to know about postage

    6. Anything else that will help them choose to buy – it tends to be a buying frenzy, you don’t want to answer the same question over and over. You may wish encourage shoppers to comment SNIL (sold – next in line) if they miss out – that way you can turn to other commenters if you get a user who doesn’t pay.

    What happens on the night?

    Lots of fun.  It’s exciting. You’re going to love it.  Just be in the organising group 30 minutes before kick off and we’ll help you through everything!

    Can they check out through my site?

    Yes.  You can “showcase” your bargains on Facebook and then direct them to check out through your site. We will send them to the Facebook page only.

    How do I pay?

    Once we receive your form, we’ll send you an invoice and then pop you into the event group on Facebook.

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