Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever do. But it is also one of the hardest and often you can be left feeling really confused about exactly what the ‘best’ decision is for your child. We all make mistakes, and that’s perfectly normal and okay, but hopefully we can limit those with good information and support. We have a whole range of hints and tips from parents about what they have learnt along their parenting journey, as well as some fantastic information from experts to help you make those decisions.

post pandemic parenting

Post Pandemic Parenting in the Slow Lane

Wondering what lies ahead in post pandemic parenting? Ready for life to be different after 2020’s turmoil? Neuropsychotherapist and ‘Relationship Rejuvinator’, Joanne Wilson, shares advice on how to make meaningful change after …

Centrelink Services, Centrelink parenting payments

Centrelink Parenting Payments – What’s On Offer and What Paperwork Do You Need?

Centrelink Parenting Payments – What’s On Offer and What Paperwork Do You Need? There are a variety of Centrelink parenting payments and benefits on offer for Australian families. Please consider …

Centrelink Services for Mums Leaving Their Partners – What You’re Entitled To

Leaving a relationship is an incredibly difficult thing to do, particularly when babies and young children are involved. What are your entitlements as a parent if you separate from your …

Right age kids sleepover

What is the right age for kids to have sleepovers?

It’s a hot topic around the mum water cooler – what is the right age for kids to be ready have a sleepover? Baby Hints and Tips spoke with Psychologist, …

Attachment parenting

What is attachment parenting and is it for you?

“Attachment Parenting” has been a buzz word in parenting circles for a while now. But what is it exactly? Here’s a guide to what’s involved and the thinking behind the concept.

Children in fancy dress as different professions

Raising children in Australia – your one-stop shop for expert and community advice

Baby Hints and Tips is a treasure-trove of everything you need to know about raising children in Australia. From physical health to emotional support to special needs advice to how to deal with multiples – we’ve got you covered!

Jacinda Arden Prime MInister of New Zealand is Pregnant

Pregnant and PM – One of the World’s Most Powerful Women is Expecting!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced she’ll be pregnant while in the top job. It’s another big step in the battle of working mothers and of course, New Zealand is the world leader in big steps for women! READ MORE NOW

How To Explain Death To Toddlers

That awkward moment, after death – explaining death to toddlers while you’re grieving

My grandfather died.  The grandfather my three year old and I would visit semi-regularly in the Alzheimer’s ward at the local nursing home.  In reality, my grandfather “died” of this …

Coles launches quiet hour to create autism friendly shopping experience

Coles have revealed their newest initiative, Quiet Hour to assist families and individuals on the autism spectrum or suffering with sensory issues. Quiet Hour will roll out across 68 Coles …

5 no-nonsense tips for family organisation

Have you ever wondered how to manage family organisation in your home? By planning ahead, choosing the right planner, working as a team, keeping communication open and sticking to a …

Mental Load: What It Looks Like In Motherhood

Motherhood is all about navigating the ins and outs of day-to-day life with babies and young children. Us mothers need to quickly develop a knack for remembering all the “things” …

Sharing the Mental Load, going from 2 to 3 children

The Secret to Sharing the Mental Load

Women often shoulder most of the domestic labour and mental load in their household. But there’s a key to sharing the mental load with your partner – communication!

To The New Mum On Her First Day

To the New Mum on her First Day in Motherhood, Congratulations! You did it. Your baby is here and they are beautiful. You will look back on this first day …

What My Second Baby Has Taught Me About Parenting

When I found out that I was pregnant with my second baby I was, of course, excited. Excited to see my firstborn become a big sister and excited to go …

Not Returning To Work: It’s Okay to Miss Your Career Without Wanting it Back.

As far as life lessons go, this has been one of my biggest so far… It’s possible to miss something without wanting it back. It can apply to just about …

Why We Should Ask Mums R U OK?

As a first-time mum, I was excitedly anticipating the birth of my first child. An experience dreams were made of. I had read the books, Googled the articles, and chatted …

Family camping without Dad

Family camping without Dad

With the holidays behind us, this article is food for thought for the next break.

Top tips for Kindness Elves: don't put them away after Xmas

Top tips for Kindness Elves: don’t put them away after Xmas

The Kindness Elves don’t need to be put away after Xmas. These little cuties can help you teach your kids about random acts of kindness anytime of the year.

Family outing

Family outing – is there merit in planning the day?

Are your family outings planned? Don’t worry if yours isn’t, it can open the door to lighthearted fun including dinosaur milkshakes and tickling strangers.

unwanted parenting advice

Advice Schmadvice

Three questions to ask before giving out Mummy advice.

Time - wasting and wanting

Time – wasting & wanting

Feeling time poor? Good news, you are bound to feel better knowing that your busy day didn’t involve stepping in dog poo, going braless and crying in the office toilet.

Getting to the bottom (or top) of risk-taking

Getting to the bottom (or top) of risk-taking

Risk-taking … what do the experts say?

Parenting styles: no more metaphors

Parenting styles: no more metaphors

Enough with the parenting style metaphors. There are no neat boxes that we, or our children fit into. Join Lou for her insightful review on the latest offering to hit the shelves.

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers

Passive aggression: survival tips for mothers

Lou hits the spot again. This time she takes on the passive aggressives who undermine parent’s self-belief.

Facebook ... we need a break

Facebook … we need a break

Need a reason to break up with Facebook? Read on.

Attachment - relationship, not rules

Attachment parenting vs attachment theory

An insightful overview of attachment theory versus attachment parenting in theory and practice.

Sex education for kids

Sex education for kids

Sex education is not something to be avoided. Find out how to be prepared, and get the conversation started.

New friendships, no thanks!

New friendships, no thanks!

Want to laugh out loud? Lou’s friendship dilemma is a must-read.

Fostering makes sense

Fostering makes sense

Fostering – a personal story on why fostering is the ultimate community service that is rewarding for the whole family.

Dad visiting son after separation

Q&A: I have a 6 month old son. His father and I are separated. His dad makes no effort to be involved in his life. But had recently asked to have him every fortnight. I dont feel comfortable leaving my son with him at all at his age

Parenting and pregnancy abbreviations

This is a list of some abbreviations commonly used by parents online.