Pregnancy brings a whirlwind of changes to not only a woman’s body, but also to our mental state, work, relationships and home (and that doesn’t even include making the baby!). There are so many things to consider, many we don’t even realise when start this journey, and this can cause a lot of confusion and stress. We have included lots of great tips from other parents from the very beginnings of conception, right through to giving birth.

*Don’t forget to check out our tips for New Parents for useful information which can help prepare you for what you might face in those first few months, with topics like dealing with engorgement, how to keep bub awake while feeding, and general advice.

Gender Prediction - When Can I Find Out The Gender Of My Baby?

When can you find out the gender of your baby?


You’ve decided – you want to know your baby’s gender!  You want to connect with your little girl or boy.  You want to know if there’s going to be pee …

Emergency Caesarean: That moment you are told “You didn’t do it right”


While all experiences of pregnancy are different, most women hope for an uncomplicated birth. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. The gorgeous Belinda shares her story with us today of …

Difficult Pregnancy: When things don’t go according to plan


Did you go through a difficult pregnancy? With health scares for her and bub along the way, Cathy shares her story for other mums to find hope!

Ask an expert – pregnancy category drugs. Which medicines are safe in pregnancy?


Learn about safe medicines in pregnancy. Our expert pharmacist, Tanya Burgess explains pregnancy category drugs and how to keep your baby safe.

C-sections and developmental delays: what is missing from the conversation


Roughly 300,000 babies are born in Australia each year. Of those births approximately 30%, or 90,000 babies will be born by caesarean section. That is a lot of you who …

Exercising during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy


Plan on exercising during your pregnancy? Here are our top tips on what to include, and what to avoid in your exercise program.

Second Pregnancy Different To First


Q&A: I’ve just found out I’m pregnant with my second child and was wondering were people’s pregnancies different the second time around? I’m hoping so as my first pregnancy was really challenging.

Gestational diabetes, labour,pregnancy, birth, insulin

Gestational diabetes birth stories


Q&A: Parents share their journey through gestational diabetes from pregnancy to birth

What did you do in the early stages of Labour?


Q&A: How did you deal with early labour? Any tips for keeping your mind distracted or dealing with those early contractions for our mums-to-be? Any funny stories to share? I got a friend to braid my hair for no. 3 because I wanted one post-labour photo without my hair in an absolute mess!