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Baby Hints and Tips is an online Parent’s group. Our main forum is facebook based, where people can ask each other questions and get helpful, non-judgemental replies from people who have been there before them. Every family and situation is different, however once you have a large group with lots of different view points, we hope everyone can find some tips that may help them.

Tanya (founder)

I am a stay at home mum of 3 girls and founder of Baby Hints and Tips. I live in sunny Perth with my husband and three beautiful children. I was born, bred and studied in Melbourne, and often travel back to see family.

WTanya Burgess and family - founder of Baby HInts and Tipshy Baby Hints and Tips? As a new mum I found myself asking other parents how they dealt with this or that situation. The more people I asked, the more likely I was to find a solution that suited my family. While many people I spoke to did things differently to how I would, some part of how they tackled an issue was often helpful to me.  With three children I am now facing a new set of challenges and continue to look for suggestions to help me address these.  Baby Hints and Tips was born out of the idea of creating a virtual mother’s group.

It is important to me that Baby Hints and Tips offers evidence based advice, mixed in with advice from experienced parents.  We have a panel of experts including a general practitioner, physiotherapist, midwife and speech therapist who have provided expert advice for parents to help guide their parenting decisions.

I am very proud of what Baby Hints and Tips has become; a supportive community of parents who are always willing to help others with the benefit of their experiences.

Visit our website and come and get social with us for lots of great parenting tips and advice.

I hope you enjoy Baby Hints and Tips as much as we enjoy it, we have learnt so much from so many of you and continue to love hearing your tips.

Disclaimer: Please note that any information provided may be the opinion or judgement of users and is not endorsed by the site owners. The information on this site is compiled from questions and answers by real parents. They are often based on their own experience or what they have heard from other parents or read in books or online. Most questions will have a wide range of responses and often conflicting advice.  You should consult your doctor or maternal health nurse before relying on the information found on this site. 

The information provided may be used at a later stage for publication, so please only provide information you are happy to share.

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