Baby Communication

The baby books Australia loves! 5 of the best Aussie stories for little ones


There are some baby books Australia simply loves. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fabulous Australian titles guaranteed to foster learning with little ones.

Gentle techniques to discourage baby pinching


Q&A: My 4 and a half month old has been pinching for a while now, What gentle techniques have you used to discourage this?


Can Babies really manipulate you?


Q&A: Can babies really manipulate you so to speak?

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication


Has anyone tried elimination communication with your baby? Did it work and was it worth it?’

Reading to son

Helping your baby to talk


Every baby learns to talk by listening to people talk, by playing with sounds and words, and by talking to others. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, describes how babies first learn to recognise sounds, and then create them based on these foundations.

Hello 1

Learning to speak and listen – what to expect in the first five years


Many parents wonder if children’s language and listening skills are developing normally. While individual children develop their talking and listening skills at different rates, our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, reveals that there is a general pattern to children’s language development.

helping baby communicate

Baby Communication Development


Babies might not be able to talk, but they definitely know how to let us know how they are feeling! Jan Jones explores how children communicate and provides tips on how to encourage their communication skills and reasons why things might not be progressing as well as they should.

Bubba Dark

Baby sign language


People that use baby sign language, what age did you start teaching them to sign?

Phone Girl

Baby Communication – “Ga ga, wah wah wah”


If only your baby came with a dictionary! But it doesn’t, and a large part of the early months (and years) is spent trying to work out what your baby is saying.