Trying to conceive

natural pregnancy after IVF

Natural pregnancy after IVF


Natural pregnancy after IVF – I have a 10 month old conceived through IVF, is it possible I can now conceive naturally?

trying to fall pregnant

When did you tell people you were trying to fall pregnant?


Q&A: We are about to start trying for another baby. How long would you wait to tell family and friends you’re trying to fall pregnant? Or would you tell them when you conceive?

natural cycles

Review of Natural Cycles


Review of the Natural Cycles charting app. We have 3 women trial the app to share their experiences of ease of use and usefulness in their journey towards growing their family

natural cycles chart

Ending Bedroom Trial and Error


Ending Bedroom Trial and Error – experience with measuring temperature when trying to conceive to determine the optimal time to get busy in the bedroom

shettles method

Shettles method of conception


Q&A: Wanting to know if anyone has used the shettles method to conceive a desired sex of their baby (timing ovulation) If so did it work?

natural cycles

Temping, charting & planning to fall pregnant with Natural Cycles


Temping, charting and planning to fall pregnant. With the discovery of a new fertility aid, our writer shares her plans to TTC after months of no success

How long after miscarriage did you get pregnant?


Q&A: Just wondering how long it took to get pregnant again after miscarriage.

tips for surviving IVF

6 Tips for Surviving IVF


Tips for surviving IVF from, Lauren, a mum of 2 who has experienced IVF many times. These practical ideas will help make your IVF journey a little easier

Successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy


Q&A: I’m looking for stories on successful pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of a tube. Did you use IVF and if so, how many times? I’m considering another IVF attempt and after some genuine encouragement.

Australian baby boy names

Little Boy Blue: How to Conceive a Boy


Tips on how to conceive a boy: We have a list of all the suggestions that may help increase your chances to fall pregnant with a baby boy.

How long after you had sex did you get a positive HPT?


Q&A: How long after you had sex did you get a positive HPT? When was this related to when your period was due?

Telling friends who have miscarried or trying to conceive you are pregnant


Q&A: I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. How do I tell my friends that have either recently miscarried or those who have been trying for years to conceive?

TTC for 4 years with no success


Q&A: I am 23 years old and have been trying to conceive for 4 years with no luck. I have pcos and endometriosis. I am so ready to be a mum and its not happening. Could people please share their experiences with me. It breaks my heart.

Thinking Pink? 5 Tips To Conceive a Girl


Of course, when a couple is thinking of getting pregnant, they just hope to have a healthy, happy baby. I was very aware of how many people struggle to carry …

Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, close siblings

Falling pregnant while breastfeeding


Q&A: Mums share their experiences with falling pregnant while breastfeeding


Pregnancy with Clomid


Clomid Success Stories – mums share their journey with using Clomid and how many cycles it took to fall pregnant


Old Wives’ Tales for having a Girl


Q&A: I have 2 boys already and I wanted to know if anyone has some really good tried, tested or proven methods on how to conceive a girl?

Falling Pregnant after a stillbirth


Q&A: Just wondering if it took longer trying to conceive after a loss (maybe due to the stress) or if you got pregnant quite quickly and had a smooth pregnancy this time around?


Difficulty conceiving second pregnancy


Q&A: Just wondering if anyone else has had more trouble conceiving with their second?


Donating Eggs for IVF


Q&A: If you were in my position and asked to donate would you knowing that you would know and see the child and considering the child will be with another man that is not your husband and how it may affect everyone involved.

ovulation tracker

Ovulation Tracking


Q&A: I would just like any reccomendations on accurate ovulation/fertile days apps or online calculators etc.

Tips for trying to conceive


Q&A: Looking for any tips or advice on ways to help us to conceive. See responses from other parents.

Substances to limit or avoid in preconception and pregnancy


Part 4 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Specific nutrient recommendations in preconception and pregnancy


This article is part 3 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Achieving optimal nutrition and health in pre-conception and pregnancy


Part 1 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

General Nutritional requirements and guidelines in pre-conception and pregnancy


Part 2 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Planning


Falling pregnant is an exciting time but it is also scary when you start worrying about all that could go wrong.  There are lots of things you can do to minimise risk to baby and do your best to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Diastasis recti exercises (what you need to know before falling pregnant again)


Are you planning to have another baby this year? Have you got your Pre Pregnancy shape back from your last pregnancy? If you still have your post baby tummy then your stomach muscles may have not healed from your previous pregnancy. This means you could possibly have a diastasis. And you need to act now.

how early can you take a pregnancy test

How early was your positive pregnancy test?


Q&A: How soon before missed period have you found out if you’re pregnant? My fiancé and I had sex on Christmas night, and I’m due for my period early Jan, we aren’t trying to get pregnant, just doing my head waiting. The six days before missed period will be Monday… But wondering if tonight/tomorrow is too soon? Thanks!

Can a negative home pregnancy test be wrong?


Q&A: Have you ever tested negative on a home pregnancy test and was actually pregnant? How many weeks were you when u actually found out and how did u find out in the end?