Baby Development

The baby books Australia loves! 5 of the best Aussie stories for little ones


There are some baby books Australia simply loves. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fabulous Australian titles guaranteed to foster learning with little ones.

C-sections and developmental delays: what is missing from the conversation


Roughly 300,000 babies are born in Australia each year. Of those births approximately 30%, or 90,000 babies will be born by caesarean section. That is a lot of you who …

Treasure basket - simple play ideas for babies

Treasure basket – simple play ideas for babies


We love the simplicity that comes with treasure baskets. Read on to find out all the tips for creating your own. You will love how baby responds, and give a sigh of relief as your toy collection is de-cluttered and organised.

later roller

Late Roller


Late roller – mum asks about other parents experiences with baby rolling late. Parents share the ages their baby rolled and some tips to encourage rolling

Empathy: growing children who care

Empathy: growing children who care


Ever wondered how you can foster caring in your child? Your behaviour is likely to have an impact.

Difficult baby? Surprising research

Difficult baby? Surprising research


Difficult baby does not equate to difficult child

clingy 11 month old

Clingy 11 month old baby


Clingy 11 month old baby – mum asks about tips to manage separation anxiety in her baby

baby swimming lessons

When to start baby swimming lessons


Q&A: When did you you start swimming lessons with your baby? What age were they?

baby prefers others over mum

Baby prefers others over mum


Q&A: My baby is 10 weeks old and I feel like he doesn’t prefer me to others. I’ve never been overly maternal so I don’t know if he picks up on this! He is breastfed with a formula before bed which his dad feeds him. My Aunty looks after him once a week for a few hours while I shop and it seems he smiles and loves being with her more than me. It has pretty much always been this way, it’s not a stage. Anyone else feel like this?

Hip dysplasia

Tips for Hip Dysplasia diagnosis at 10 months


Q&A: My daughter is 10 months old and has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She has a rhino brace and has to wear it for 3 months. She was previously extremely active and now is limited with her movements causing her to get very frustrated.

What To Expect With A Newborn


What to expect with a newborn. Routines, feeding and sleep for your new baby

baby wont keep hat on

Baby won’t keep hat on


Q&A: Any tips on how to keep a hat on an 11 month old who absolutely point blank refuses to keep anything on her head – hats/clips/headbands?

Throwing food from the high chair


Q&A: My 9 month old baby is going through a stage of throwing food from the high chair to the floor. Does anyone have any gentle ways to discourage this?

Speech Pathologist: Baby Communication Milestones


Speech Pathologist: Baby communication milestones. Development of milestones such as smiles, gazing, crying, laughing and smiling, discriminating sounds

ideas to entertain baby

7 No Cost Ways To Entertain With Baby!


7 ideas to entertain baby at NO cost. You don’t need to spend money to keep baby happy and active. Here are some great games and activities for you and baby

Baby apps suggestions to track feeds, sleep and nappy changes


Q&A: Just wondering if there are any recommendations on free baby apps for my phone to record a newborns feeding that covers breastfeeding, formula and expressed milk? Would be an added bonus if it has sleep and nappy recording


Expert Physio Advice: HELP! My baby hates tummy time!


If you have a baby you’ve undoubtedly heard people talking about tummy time! It’s so important but so many babies seem to dislike it. What’s a mum to do? Read …

Discouraging thumb sucking baby


Q&A: My month old baby has discovered her thumb and putting it in her mouth! Is there any way I can stop her and how can I gently discourage it. She does use a dummy.

Encouraging Baby to sit up


Q&A: I’m after advice on how I can encourage my 7 month old to sit up by himself. I spend a lot of time with him on the floor in between my legs but that doesn’t seem to be working as he flops to his side.

First and second child behaviour and sleep differences


Q&A: How did your second child compare to your first child in sleep and behaviour? My older daughter will be 3 when the baby is born.

why crawling is important

Importance of baby crawling


Crawling is more than just your baby’s way of getting around before they walk. Learn more about the importance of baby crawling and how it is a milestone that is crucial in …

gumdrop pacifier

Choosing the Very Best Dummy for your Baby


You may be surprised to discover not all dummies are created equal! In fact it’s just the opposite – there are many distinctive factors that should influence your choice! From …

Self Settling Books


Q&A: Can anyone suggest any baby books to read for teaching self-settling, routines etc.

benefits of baby swimming

When can your baby start swimming lessons?


Parenting Tips: At what age did your little one start swimming? And any recommendations for centres in SA in the north eastern suburbs that are reasonably priced?

Milestones – What age did your little one start to roll?


What age did your little one start to roll?

Swimming lessons for baby


Have you found swimming lessons a useful introduction to water for bub?

Experience with Hip Dysplasia


Parents share their experience with hip dysplasia. Age of diagnosis, symptoms and treatment that their child received for hip dysplasia

When and How did you start teaching your baby NO?

When and How did you start teaching your baby NO?


Q&A: When would you/did you start gently teaching your baby no and how?

Dealing with a baby who wont be put down


Q&A: My 8 week old son wont let me put him down throughout the day. Any tips/ideas on how to solve this problem?

separation anxiety

Coping with Separation Anxiety in 6 month old


Q&A: I think my 6 month old DD has separation anxiety, she cries if she can’t see me in the room and when I put her to bed she wakes up as soon as I put her down even if she is fast asleep. Has anyone gone through this/got any ideas to help with this?