Best Book Week Costumes

Best Book Week Costumes of the Internet

  Love it or loathe it Book Week is almost here again! But coming up with the best Book Week costume need not be a challenge. Research and planning is …

Free Holiday Activities for kids

5 Totally Free Holiday Activities for Kids

School holidays can become really costly really fast if you haven’t planned ahead and found some ideas for entertaining the kids that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Keeping …

covid movie night box

Family movie night snack box

The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced families to stay home in order to stay safe. However, being home with the kids has it’s challenges – dealing with keeping kids busy …

Playschool helps children understand death and grief

Talking to our kids about death can be tricky. This and the ‘where do babies come from’ conversations are the ones we try and steer clear from for different reasons. …

DIY Drive-In Cinema

DIY Drive-In cinema for the family

We all know how expensive it can be to take the whole family to the cinema. When tickets for a family of four will cost over $60, then it will …

Coles Little Shop Collectables

Coles Little Shop Collectables Are Sending Collectors INSANE

The bidding wars are ON! We can’t believe how fast the auction prices are increasing! Coles Little Shop Collectables are inspiring absolute insanity on eBay and in Facebook market places.  …

Slime recipe

The best safe alternative slime recipes

Let’s talk about SLIME (and the best alternative slime recipes that will be safe for your whole family!) Slime is the current sensory play trend filling our screens and making …

bilingual babies

Bilingual babies

Did you know that the secret to raising bilingual babies is to start young. Research shows the younger you introduce a second language to your child, the better chance that they will be able to speak it as a native.

charitable children

This little boy donated his 5th birthday gifts to an animal shelter

Cooper has always loved all animals from cats to lizards – you name it, he loves them all. So it was no surprise to his parents when Cooper said he …

Kmart Birthday Party Challenge

This Mum’s Kmart Birthday Party Was The Event of the Year!

When Shannon’s daughter Charli turned 13, she had no idea how to help her celebrate.  What kind of party do you throw for a 13 year old girl who just …

Avoid sunburnt kids - watch UV not temperature

Avoid sunburnt kids – watch UV not temperature

We are all becoming very aware of the need for sunscreen, hats and staying under cover to protect our children and ourselves from the sun.  However I still hear a …

measles in children

Measles in children

Measles in children is highly contagious and extremely dangerous due to the risk of complications like pneumonia and brain swelling. Immunisation is available to prevent it.

tooth decay

Tooth decay on the rise! Study shows more kids than ever need surgery.

Dental surgery is becoming one of the top reasons for hospital admissions amongst preschoolers and early primary school children.  For several years now, tooth decay has been a growing reason …

pediatric dentristy

Pediatric Dentistry – How To Avoid Seeing YOUR Kid In The Chair

In recent years, there has been a sharp spike in the need for pediatric dentistry. Most of this is down to brushing and eating habits. So what can parents do …

Contagiosum Molluscum lesions

Molluscum contagiosum (water warts)

A common condition in children molluscum contagiousm is a virus resulting in small skin lesions that can last for weeks, months or years.

Children in fancy dress as different professions

Raising children in Australia – your one-stop shop for expert and community advice

Baby Hints and Tips is a treasure-trove of everything you need to know about raising children in Australia. From physical health to emotional support to special needs advice to how to deal with multiples – we’ve got you covered!

Active kids grant

Active Kids Grant

School aged children doing an approved sport in NSW may be eligible for a $100 active kids grant payment by the state government.

Kojo Designs DIY Lego Storage Table

How to Store Lego: 11 Awesome Lego Storage Hacks Mums will Love

Everything about Lego is awesome. That is, everything other than, Lego storage. We’ve scoured the net and here’s the best ideas from simple to #storagegoals. Get ready to get organised!

Bungarribee Park

10 Best Sydney playgrounds to visit these holidays

If there’s one thing our tribe loves, it’s playgrounds. We travel near and far to find the most amazing parks and playgrounds that the kids will go nuts for. Here …

school holidays

School holiday activities in Sydney

15 Activities to keep the kids occupied these school holidays in Sydney

Essential Tips for Camping With Kids

Camping with kids can be quite a challenge – here are some tips for help make a smooth family camping trip. Planning your camping trip, what to pack for camping, safety when camping and more

road trip activities

Road Trip Activities for Kids this Holidays

Road Trip Activities and road trip games to keep your children occupied during long travel without using technology (or at least avoiding technology for a while)

Children’s self esteem when it comes to clothes

Q&A: I have an almost 5 year little girl who is sweet and very innocent. She has 2 girl cousins slightly older (4/5 months older) who always wear trendy and expensive but very pretty clothes and very fancy hair do’s. How do I handle this?

Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Parent Tips: General travel tips from other parents