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First time round or first time mum to more than one… as a new parent, you’ve just had your life turned upside down and you’d probably be terrified, delighted, excited, upset or proud…if you weren’t so damn tired.  Being a new parent is one of the hardest and most wonderful things you’ll ever do.  At Baby Hints and Tips,  you’re one of a quarter of a million mums finding their way through this emotional journey.  We’re all here to support you, to help you, to give you tips, advice and practical help during this challenging time.  We don’t judge. We don’t make you feel like you’re messing it up.  We totally get it and we’re here to help.

The one month old baby sleep routine - what to expect at four weeks old

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it gets easier

It gets easier …

Need a quick pick-me-up? Read on for a highly amusing (and a little bit naughty) take on the parenting catch-cry, IT GETS EASIER.

10 Gifts for New Mums for All Budgets

Gift Ideas: 10 Great Gifts New Mums will love. Ideas that will really help a new mum including making food, hiring a cleaner or hospital survival kit

preparing for baby's arrival

Preparing for baby’s arrival

So, you’ve made a human, aren’t you clever! No doubt you’ve been thinking at length about your upcoming labour, mulling over your birth plan and debating (or going hand to …

bleeding after birth

Bleeding after birth and what to expect

After birth every woman will experience a post-birth bleed known as lochia. This is the body’s way of removing excess blood and tissue from the uterus.

essential baby items

Baby Essentials And Money Wasters – We Asked 240,000 Aussie Mums!

We ask our community of 240,000 mums – What are the baby essentials and what are the total money wasters!

maternity wear adelaide

Maternity Wear Brisbane: Local Guide

So you’ve got back a positive pregnancy test? Soon enough the wardrobe you’ve been curating for years is not going to cut it anymore! But no fear – we’ve made …

becoming a mother

Becoming a Mother

Before children, we feel like we have the world at our feet, hopes and dreams, interests and goals, our own identities. We have a fantasy in mind about becoming a …

Relationship problems after having baby, newborn baby stress

Relationship Problems After Having A Baby – Expert Advice

A newborn baby may do nothing but eat, sleep and poop all day but, the undivided attention and care they need can certainly put a relationship to the test, causing …

Baby apps

Baby apps designed to make your parenting life easier

We live in an app-driven society. There are apps for transport, food delivery, dating and menial tasks around the home. So why shouldn’t there also be baby apps, designed for …

Free Range Parenting or Gate City

Free Range Parenting or Gate City Parenting – Finding your parenting style can take a while. Gen shares her experience and how she decided on her style.

Gifts to welcome newborn baby

Gifts to welcome new baby

Q&A: What are your go-to gifts to welcome new baby, other than the usual clothes, ?

5 Tips to Get Sorted Before Baby Comes

5 Tips to get sorted before baby comes: Prepare the nursery, baby proof your house, get ready for leaving the hospital and more ideas for being prepared for your new baby

freebies for new mums

5 Freebies for New Mums

Check out these fabulous freebies for new mums and start getting set up for your baby.

Dad’s Guide To Nappies

Dad’s guide to nappies – humorous guide to everything dads need to know about changing nappies, which brand of nappies, about those first few nappies etc

Best Gifts For A New Baby? Hint: Not a Pink Thing in Sight!

Five of the best gifts ever for new baby. Think beyond the same gifts everyone gives and give the new parents something they can really use

dad's role in childbirth

Dad: How to be helpful at your child’s birth!

Dad’s Role in Childbirth – Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares a poem about how dad’s role in childbirth

Struggling mum: overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation after baby arrives

Q&A: How did people overcome the loneliness and isolation?

Surviving the post birth period

Ideas for surviving postpartum through the challenges and high expectations we put on ourselves as parents. Such as learn to say no to avoid over committing

Keeping Sick Family Away From Your Newborn

Q&A: How do you politely encourage friends and family with sick children to stay away from you and your newborn?

Financially Preparing for a Baby

Expert Tips: Financially Preparing For a Baby. Tips such such thinking about private vs public maternity care, what government assistance is available etc

Help When Second Baby Born

Q&A: I’m due with my second child in 3 weeks and have a 3year old as well. My mum been very kind and has offered to come and help for a week. I’m wanting others experience on when they felt was the best time to have someone come and help?

large nappy bag reviews

Large Nappy Bag Reviews

Q&A: I have a newborn and a 16 month old babies and with everything I pack when I go out I find that my normal nappy bag isn’t quite big enough in always carrying an extra little bag, so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good large size nappy bag.

Motherly instincts

Q&A: I’m starting to get very excited but mostly scared and nervous because I’m young. I’ve been told you get motherly instincts when you become a mum, but I can’t seem to feel better. Just wondering if other ftm have experienced this? And did it get better?

dads and newborns

Dads and Newborns: How To Connect

If you’re a brand new Dad finding it difficult to connect with your newborn, you’re not alone. It’s an extremely common way to feel in the first month or two, …

surviving the newborn stage

Surviving the Newborn Stage

Today we share 9 ‘real mum’ tips on surviving the newborn stage. Organise your life so that you get through this period as smoothly as possible.

Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper Checklist

New Mum’s Helper Checklist This Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper Checklist is a great, practical way to help out a new mum – it can be left on the kitchen …

One Mummy’s reminder for other mums with Newborns

Parent Tips: Thanks, Eryn, for the wonderful reminder to all our mums with newborns.

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

Dealing with New Parent Anxiety

Q&A: How did you deal with the anxiety of being a parent with your new baby?

Nappy Bag Essentials

Q&A: I’m 34 weeks pregnant with first baby and I’m wondering what were some things you found really handy or couldn’t live without in your nappy bag?

Books for First Time Dads

Q&A: Hello! Im currently 31+1 with our first baby and hubby is wanting to read some baby books designed for first time dads. I have read up the duff but he is wanting something more ‘blokey’, thanks!