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Nurture creative little minds and fine motor skills with our massive selection of easy toddler craft projects.  Babies, toddlers and pre-school aged kids love getting their hands sticky (and glittery) so we’ve got you covered, whether you’re a veteran crafter or a novice famous for your “Pinterest Fails”.

*** Check Out Our Epic Christmas Crafts For Toddlers List***

Craft projects that are more than just busy work!

All crafts for toddlers, babies and pre-schoolers are hand picked by our team to ensure they help your little one meet developmental milestones, provide sensory stimulation and  inspire creativity and a love of art.  Yes, craft with toddlers can get a bit messy, but we’ve chosen projects that are rewarding for mums to watch and toddlers to show off!

Our selection of crafts for toddlers and little ones

We always welcome suggestions from our community – if you’ve got amazing crafts for toddlers, bubs or pre-schoolers, please get in touch here.  We add new craft projects for little people all the time, so pop back weekly for new inspiration.

Movie Party Ideas - Low Cost Kids Birthday Party Idea

Movie Obsessed Kid? How To Host a Movie Party

Ahhh, the “movie party” – the low cost, low hassle way to celebrate a little one’s birthday!  Movie parties are a great way to create a birthday theme around a …

NYE Craft with toddlers

How to make New Years Eve fun for your little ones

When you have kids New Years Eve isn’t quite the same as it used to be, but it’s a great time of year to enjoy doing some crafts and activities with your little ones and include them in your NYE celebrations too.

Christmas Crafts For Toddlers

The Epic Guide To Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Get into the Christmas spirit with these Christmas crafts for toddlers and young children. Perfect to decorate the house or for homemade wrapping paper.

homemade paint for baby

Easy DIY toys for babies and toddlers

Have fun creating toys for your kids using things from home.

Lego themed Australia Day

Lego themed Australia Day

Have some fun setting your kids a Lego challenge in the spirit of Australia Day.

Easy Under the Sea Crafts: Aquarium Sushi Project

Get Creative and recycle with this under the sea crafts using a sushi container.

Craft Inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Craft: A fun activity using a spoon and buttons to make a the Very Hungry Caterpillar Inspired Craft. A great rainy day activity to keep the kids busy

busy bags

Busy Toddler Ideas When A ‘New’ Baby Arrives

Busy Bags – Keep a toddler happy when your their little sibling arrives.

fossil craft for kids

Dinosaur Craft for Kids

Dinosaur Fossils Play: Get Your Prehistoric Craft on with this cool activity!  A perfect cheap activity for a dinosaur themed birthday party… Making a dinosaur fossil out of plaster of …


Crafts for kids – Little Hands Birthday Cake Prints

Here’s a cheap and charming way to make a special homemade birthday present for a loved person in your life. The handprint birthday gift is perfect for grandparents or daddies, this is a …

Ice Experiments For Kids

Craft – A simple and fun ice experiment for kids that will keep them entertained for ages. Freeze some toys and let them experiment with how to get them out

Messy animal footprints thumb

Animal Craft for Toddlers

Fun and messy animal craft for toddlers. Stomp the animal through the paint and make animal footprints.

Stained glass window thumb

Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids

Everyone loves the look of stained glass, so this Valentines themed craft is a great chance to hang a little love in your windows while keeping the kids occupied with some crafty, fine-motor play.

Slime Recipe For Kids

Slime Recipe For Kids by Tanya Slime is an awesome sensory product and will give your kids hours of enjoyment, using this easy slime recipe you can make your own …

Homemade Snow Globes | Baby Hints & Tips

Homemade Christmas Snow Globes

Creating your own magical snow globe is surprisingly cheap and easy. Great for presents of for playtime.

DIY Christmas Bonbons

Christmas Craft: DIY Christmas Bon Bons or Christmas crackers are one of the highlights of Christmas Day. Homemade Christmas Bon Bons are even more special.

Homemade Chalk | Baby Hints & Tips

Homemade Chalk

Making your own chalk is surprisingly easy and lots of fun. Pick up some cheap novelty ice cube trays or chocolate moulds to make fun shapes – look out for Christmas, Easter or Halloween trays to make seasonal themed chalks. Try packaging your chalk in a smart box to make an impressive homemade gift or birthday party favour.


DIY Christmas Bead Candy Canes

This handmade decoration is a fantastic option if you and the kids need to make a large number of presents for daycare teachers or classmates. They’re simple and look great (and it’s a great fine motor activity too!).


Paddle Pop Christmas Tree – Christmas Craft For Toddlers

These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a great, easy craft activity to do with the kids, and make cute presents as well. You can use whatever you like to decorate them.


{CRAFT} Make your own fairy garden

Have a little fairy in the family, or want to get the kids more involved in the garden? Why not create a fairy garden?


{CRAFT} DIY Playroom Zoo

Is Dad always trying to think of something to make with the kids? Here’s the perfect idea – easy enough for even the clumsiest of DIY Dads.

Butterflies | Baby Hints & Tips

{CRAFT} Butterflies

This is a really easy rainy day activity to do with the kids.


Pom pom monsters {CRAFT}

These monsters are easy to make and totally adorable!

{CRAFT} Robot Box Costume

My boy loved his Robot Costume and used it for ages!

Elephant Nursery Artwork DIY {Craft} Idea

I made this artwork for my soon to be born bub. It was easy and fun to make. I chose neutral colours because we don’t know the sex, but you could choose any colours you like.

{CRAFT} Snail Mail Hug

{CRAFT} This is a cute little idea that is great for family who live far away or for someone who is feeling a little down and could use a “Hug” or even just a surprise piece of mail!

softest playdough recipe

Softest Play Dough Recipe

We decided to make this easy and quick recipe (from Kids Activities Blog) and filled in some of a wet, cold day!

DIY nursery mobile

Nursery Room Mobile

I made this mobile for my son’s room. I got some inspiration from browsing Pinterest but made it my own way.

Homemade Christmas Cards With Wrapping Paper

Homemade Christmas Cards – Handmade Craft For Mums and Toddlers

This Christmas card is easy for the adult to prepare and for a young child to make. It is an educational activity too, as children are challenged to order the strips of paper from longest to shortest.

How to make your own rainbow crayons

Ever wondered what to do with all the end bits of crayons you end up with when you have kids? Sometimes it seems such a waste to throw them away, but if your kids are anything like mine they don’t want to use those silly little bits they can’t hold onto properly. Here is a great way to use them up.