Life with Kids

family car checklist

Family Car Checklist: Things to Consider Before you Buy

Often the arrival of a new baby means the need for a bigger car – whether you are about to have you first, third or ninth here are some tips to help you choose the right car.

clean house with kids

How to Have a Clean House with Kids.

{Discussion} I would love to know how or when other parents get their house work done.

Easy Family Dinner Ideas

10 Quick and Easy Family Dinner Ideas

We asked mums and dads to share their family’s favourite easy dinner. Yum!

Moving House with children

Top Tips on Moving House with Children

Hints and tips to reduce the stress of moving, from a mum who has done it with two children in tow.

Moving House with Kids: Dealing With Big Feelings & Kids Worries

Moving is a stressful process for parents, but imagine how stressful it must be for the kids!!

TV mums that show peak motherhood

There’s been a shift in TV shows depicting mothers as Stepford wives and are shown in their more natural form. To be honest, I’m all for it. I’m a hot …

baby sitter checklist

Babysitter Checklist

Here is a checklist of all the information your Babysitter needs before you head out the door for your night out.

5 tips to make dinner time easier

5 tips for less cooking time and more play time!

Dinner time always seems to coincide with the time of day that our children always need us the most. Instead of juggling whinging tired kids and a stove full of pans, try these tips to give you more time in the evenings (and less stress too!)

Fearless Folder - Protect yourself and your family

Fearless Folder – Protection for your family if you die

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you were to die or be incapacitated? That you would need a ‘Fearless Folder’ of important documents organised …

introducing newborn to older sibling

Introducing your newborn to an older sibling

Bringing a new baby into your family is one of life’s greatest blessing, there’s no mistaking that precious moment when you realise that you are going to be a mother …

Marie Kondo

How tidying up KonMari style has improved my life

It’s been a few weeks since I decided to get on board with the new Netflix series and ‘Marie Kondo’ my home, but it’s not just my decor that has …

Finding your village

Building your village in another country

Living abroad with a baby can be difficult, especially without family support in the early months. Jenine is a Canadian expat living in Perth – she shares how she went …

When should I introduce a pet into the family

When should I introduce a new pet into the family?

When should I introduce a new pet into the family? What kind of pet is good with small kids? We’ve got all of your questions answered. When should I introduce …

Toddler Activities Melbourne

The Best Toddler Activities in Melbourne

There’s only so much you can do with your toddlers at home, but if you want to get out of the house with your wee ones, you’re in luck. Melbourne …

Camping at Yanchep National Park

Take the family camping at Yanchep National Park

Have you ever wanted to go camping at Yanchep National Park? Guest blogger Jane Bahrehbar shares her family’s experience and why you will love camping at Yanchep National Park. I …

Kmart Birthday Party Challenge

This Mum’s Kmart Birthday Party Was The Event of the Year!

When Shannon’s daughter Charli turned 13, she had no idea how to help her celebrate.  What kind of party do you throw for a 13 year old girl who just …

batch preparing fresh fruit and vegetables

Batch Freezing Food For Fresh Meals

Make meal preparation easy by batch freezing for fresh meals. Making fresh and healthy meals will be simple with all meat and vegetables ready to cook.

How To Explain Death To Toddlers

That awkward moment, after death – explaining death to toddlers while you’re grieving

My grandfather died.  The grandfather my three year old and I would visit semi-regularly in the Alzheimer’s ward at the local nursing home.  In reality, my grandfather “died” of this …

pram etiquette

Mums need pram etiquette – an open letter to the non- pram pushers

Mums Need Pram Etiquette? Allow Us To Enlighten You A recent article from Jill Poulsen titled “Hey, entitled pram pushers, learn some manners” caught my attention, because without even having …

5 no-nonsense tips for family organisation

Have you ever wondered how to manage family organisation in your home? By planning ahead, choosing the right planner, working as a team, keeping communication open and sticking to a …

Mental Load: What It Looks Like In Motherhood

Motherhood is all about navigating the ins and outs of day-to-day life with babies and young children. Us mothers need to quickly develop a knack for remembering all the “things” …

Sharing the Mental Load, going from 2 to 3 children

The Secret to Sharing the Mental Load

Women often shoulder most of the domestic labour and mental load in their household. But there’s a key to sharing the mental load with your partner – communication!

meet new mums in sutherland shire

Meet Mums in the Sutherland Shire or Sydney

Meeting new mums can be hard. Here are some ideas to meet new mums in the Sutherland Shire and Sydney. Many suggestions will also apply to other states.

Tips for caring for your family’s emotional health

Family’s emotional health – tips to keep your family unit happy, communicating and engaged with one another

stain removal tips for kids clothes

Stain removal tips for kid’s clothes

What are your best tips for getting rid of stains in your kid’s clothes? Chemical free or if you use a product. Also what particular stains have you had to struggle to get out and what worked

5 Awesome Parenting Hacks You Need Right Now!

Parenting hacks you need to know NOW. Tips to make your life a little easier from toilet training to hungry baby

Surviving your Child’s First Sleep Over + Sleep Over Safety

Your child’s first sleep over – being prepared, making it an enjoyable experience and ensuring your child is safe during sleep overs

Family friendly restaurants Melbourne

Family friendly restaurants Melbourne – our local Melbourne mum shares some of her favourite places to eat out with kids in Melbourne

should i have more kids

Should I Have More Kids

Q&A: We currently have 3 gorgeous boys (4,2 and 1) and I can’t shake that feeling that our family isn’t complete. My husband doesn’t understand the feeling I have but I just want to know how do you know when you have finished? Finance isn’t really an issue so it is possible for us to have another child. It’s driving me insane! Should I have more kids!

little rockers radio station

Little Rockers Radio Station

Little Rockers Radio Station is a free online radio music station that plays safe, appropriate and family-friendly music all day long.