Early Days in Pregnancy

first trimester

First Trimester: What to Expect

Welcome to the first trimester! So you’ve just been given the exciting news that you’re expecting… You’re a mum-to-be! Aside from the emotional roller coaster mainly fueled by your hormones …

12 Week pregnancy screenings

12 Week Pregnancy Tests

Take the confusion out of your 12 week pregnancy tests, and learn what is being measured, what is involed and whether it is covered by Medicare.

Chinese Gender Chart - Baby Gender Prediction

Does the Chinese Gender Chart Actually Work?

Q&A: Has the Chinese Gender Chart been correct or incorrect when predicting the gender of your baby?

maternity wear adelaide

Maternity Wear Brisbane: Local Guide

So you’ve got back a positive pregnancy test? Soon enough the wardrobe you’ve been curating for years is not going to cut it anymore! But no fear – we’ve made …

Anterior Placenta

Anterior Placenta – What Does It Mean and How May It Impact Your Pregnancy?

Q&A: Just curious when other mummys with anterior placentas felt their baby move? This is my 2nd pregnancy but last time my placenta was at the back.


Implantation Bleeding – The Facts You Need To Know

Q&A: Describe your implantation bleed -how soon into your cycle did you experience it?

Gender Prediction - When Can I Find Out The Gender Of My Baby?

When can you find out the gender of your baby?

You’ve decided – you want to know your baby’s gender!  You want to connect with your little girl or boy.  You want to know if there’s going to be pee …

Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment – what is it and what does it mean for new mums

Q&A: Had my scan today and was so excited to find out the sex. I was loving the ultrasound till they said looks like a girl then I felt so depressed and disappointed because I already have a girl. I feel awful about feeling this way. this isn’t our last baby but still. Hubby is over the moon but I am just not feeling it.

Best Pregnancy Apps: 10 cool apps for the mummy-to-be!

Best pregnancy apps. The 10 best pregnancy apps for mums to be to help prepare for pregnancy and the adventures beyond.

pregnancy cravings

How early did your pregnancy cravings start?

Q&A: How early did your pregnancy cravings start? Currently 5 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 & I’m starting to get cravings (in between nausea bouts) and I keep thinking it’s too soon.

Movement in second pregnancy

Q&A: How far along were you when you started to feel baby #2 move?

Baby bump popping early

Q&A: I’m 14 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. The last two weeks my belly has really popped out and I feel this is very early. Did anyone experience your baby bump popping early with baby number 2?

LMP or Ultrasound More Accurate

LMP or Ultrasound More Accurate

Q&A: Just wanting to know if any others have had an EDD from a scan that was different to the EDD calculated based on their LMP.

When did you start to feel baby move?

Q&A: Just wondering when will I feel baby move in my first pregnancy?

How far along in your pregnancy were you before you shared your news?

Q&A: How far along were you in your pregnancy before you told your mum/dad/sister/brother?


Pregnancy Apps

Q&A: Anyone have any recommendations for apps for trying to conceive and/or for pregnancy?

Announcing Pregnancy for Fifth Child

Q&A: How would you tell family and friends you were pregnant with your fifth when mostly all of them think 1 or 2 children is plenty

positive pregnancy test

What to do now I have a positive HPT

Q&A: I have just found out today that I am pregnant. (First time) and i am just wondering what happens now?? Ive booked a doctor’s appointment is that all I need to do at this stage???

Unique and fun pregnancy announcement ideas

Q&A: I just found out I am pregnant with number 2 (YAY!!) I just am after different/unique ways to tell family members and friends that we are expecting again.

Wrong gender during an ultrasound

Wrong gender during an ultrasound?

Q&A: Hi, has anyone had an ultrasound where the technician has said boy then changed to girl? What did your baby end up being?

When will I feel the baby kick?

Graph showing when some of our members first felt their baby kick.

When will I start to show?

A graph showing when some of our members started to show in their pregnancies.

what were your early pregnancy symptoms

First signs of pregnancy

Q&A: Mums to be share their early pregnancy symptoms including sore boobs, cramping and tired.