Toddler Sleep

help a toddler fall asleep

Steps to help a toddler fall asleep

Is bedtime a battle? Work through these simple steps to a better night’s sleep.

10 Popular Bedroom Decor Trends For Kids Who Love To Read

Can your kids’ bedroom décor help foster a love of reading? Try some of these 10 popular bedroom décor trends!

Cot to a bed: do's and don'ts

Cot to a bed: do’s and don’ts

Its a big milestone when your child starts sleeping in a bed. This article is a must read for those who want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The Transition From Two Naps To One

Expert Tips on dropping day sleeps: Our resident sleep consultants share some tips on how and when to transition from two naps to one with your toddler

moving toddler from cot to bed

Transitioning Your Child’s Sleep Spaces

Messing with your child’s sleep routine is right up there with the list of activities we dread most. Some parents may even prefer to have a tooth pulled than interfere …

which baby sleep book

HELP! Which Baby Sleep Book Is For Me?

Review: Which baby sleep book will suit me and my family? We have a round up of books which use gentle techniques and those using controlled crying

Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

Book Suggestions: Make books part of your nightly bedtime routine with these bedtime stories for kids. Ideal for 2 to 5 year olds

2 year old takes hours to fall asleep

2 year old sleep issues

Q&A: I have a 2.5 yr old little girl that has always been a struggle to get to sleep

Little ones dropping day sleeps

Q&A: Just wondering when your lo stopped having their midday naps?

Baby sleep clock – toddler product review

I am wanting reviews on toddler sleep training clocks (Gro clock etc) and if you think they helped! My 2.5year old daughter has been waking up in the middle of …

Toddler wants to sleep with parents

My 13 month old daughter previously always slept in her own bed but for the last 2 months has been wanting to sleep with me and even if she’s dead …

Controlled crying in a toddler

I’ve decided to try controlled crying with my 14 month old. He use to be a perfect sleeper until he got quite sick now he wakes out of habit 3+ …

Comforter types

Q&A:  Does your child have a sleep toy/blanket? What is it and did it improve their sleep?


When did your little one drop to one nap a day?

Q&A: When did your little ones drop to one sleep a day?

Keeping baby warm

Keeping your little one warm

Q&A: Just wondering how everyone is keeping their bubba’s warm at night without any heating?


Transition from Co-Sleeping to Cot or bed

Q&A: Was it hard on you and your lo? How long did you co sleep for? Any tips on the transition would be greatly appreciated

ditiching the dummy

Ditching the Dummy

Q&A: My almost 6 month old fully breast fed baby is waking up to 15 times a night seeking her dummy. She was sleeping through… How do I ditch the dummy??

moving toddler from cot to bed

Transitioning your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed

Tips from parents: How old was your little one when you transitioned them from a cot to a bed? What worked for you? What’s your best tip for making it as hassle free as possible?

Daylight Savings Tips

Q&A: We are looking for any daylight saving transition tips! How to did you work around the time difference, with sleep and general routines?

Getting rid of monsters under the bed

Q&A: A suggestion from one mum for Monsterphobia: fill a spray bottle with water & a few drops of lavender oil & spray it around when she gets scared of the monsters:) What are your suggestions?

No-Cry Sleep Ideas for Toddlers

Q&A: Hi everyone, I need some ideas to help my 2 1/2 year old daughter sleep longer at night. She wakes 4-5 times a night. I would like ‘gentle’ tips that don’t involve leaving her to cry.

Save our Sleep in Toddlers

Q&A: I’m so confused as to what to do with my 19moDD. She used to be such a great sleeper and self settled. DH had to I away for work for 3 weeks and she stopped SS and I just sat with her until she went to sleep. Then her and I went on a 2 week holiday where we slept in the same room in separate beds. Now we are all back together she is taking up to an hour and a half to go down and she is waking up at night. Is it too hard to go back to the SOS routine at this age? It’s what we used originally. Any parents try SOS at this age?

Controlled Crying in Toddlers

Q&A: After advice from a sleep consultant, we are preparing to try cry it out with our nearly 3 year old. I am exhausted from getting up to her 4/5 times a night. She doesn’t need anything she just calls out for me to go into her which I’ve been doing but have ruin out of steam. Looking for mums who have used this method with success. How did you manage the process?

toddler calling out and getting out of bed

Calling out and getting out of bed

Tips from other parents to encourage toddlers to stay in bed and go to sleep at bedtime (no more calling out!)

My Son Won’t go to Sleep on His Own

Q&A: My 2yo has got in the habit of not going off to sleep (at night only) unless myself or my partner are in his room, once hes asleep he’ll sleep all night but he just wont go off on his own. I don’t want to do controlled crying or anything similar…any ideas would be appreciated.

Moving from a cot to a bed

Q&A: How did you know your child was ready to move from a cot to a bed, and how did you do it?