Desserts and Sweets

chocolate spiders

Chocolate Spiders – 3 ingredient recipe


A simple party food with only 3 ingredients and quick to make. These chocolate spiders are sure to be a hit. Note they contain nuts.

simple cupacke recipe

Simple cupcake recipe


Today my 4 year old baked using this simple cupcake recipe. Topped with chocolate icing they were delicious and they were in the oven in under 10 minutes.

blueberry quinoa lemon muffins

Gluten-free blueberry, quinoa muffins


Recipe: Quinoa muffins with blueberry and lemon. Gluten-free, yummy and delicious

Tim Tam ice cream slice

Tim Tam ice cream slice


Tim Tam ice cream slice is so delicious you may not be able to stop after 1 slice. And it only has 4 ingredients, so simple to make

Halloween Cupcakes


Halloween Cupcake: A great everyday cupcake recipe with some fun decorating ideas to create a Halloween theme. Ideal for a Halloween party.

Dairy free ‘nana choc pops: 4 ingredients


Dairy Free Chocolate Banana – 4 ingredient recipe. The kids will love these chocolate dipped bananas on a stick. Dairy free with your choice of topping.


Chewy Choc Chip Cookies


I’m a stay at home mum for 3 girls who seem like they’re always hungry. This recipe for choc chip cookies is quite easy and they are soft chewy bickies which is the sort my girls like (and me).

apricot coconut balls

Apricot Coconut Balls


Recipe: Delicious, quick and easy apricot coconut ball recipe. The kids will love these, if you share.

carrot cake

Healthy Carrot Cake with Lemon Frosting


Clean Living Fast Food – this healthy carrot cake with lemon frosting is luscious and irresistible, without the sugar and wheat flour. You may remember the gorgeous lads from My …


Fancy pinwheel cupcake toppers


DIY: Easy instructions to show you how to make cupcake toppers in a fancy pinwheel design

chocolate slice

The Sassy Cook’s Disgustingly Good Chocolate, Peanut & Pretzel Slice


Recipe: Chocolate Slice with Peanuts and Pretzels. Could it get any better?

Apple Crumble Balls

Easy and Quick Apple Crumble Balls


Recipe for dried fruit balls that taste just like apple crumble. Make in the thermomix or in a food processor. Quick, easy and sure to be an instant hit

shrove Tuesday pancakes

Basic Pancake Recipe – 4 WAYS for the Whole Family!


Recipe: Shrove Tuesday is a great time to try out this basic pancake recipe. We have 4 variations to suit the whole family

Valentines Day Cupcakes

Valentines Day Cupcakes with FREE printable topper


A scrumptious vanilla Valentines Day cupcake combined with some DIY Valentines Fun of a FREE printable

easter chocolate bowls

Easy Easter Chocolate Dessert Cups


Recipe: Make a yummy chocolate bowl dessert using a water balloon. Then fill it with yummy fillings for a Easter rocky road dessert

Lamington recipe thumb

Lamington – Australia Day Cheat Dessert


Variation on the traditional lamington recipe. An Australia Day cheat dessert jammed pack with chocolate, cream and strawberries.


{RECIPE} Guilt-Free Cherry Ripe Soft Serve (Hidden Spinach Optional!)


Healthy Ice Cream? You bet! Our guilt-free Cherry Ripe Soft Serve (with optional hidden spinach) is a yummy alternative to fat and sugar laden ice-cream, with the goodness of hidden veggies.

gingerbread cupcakes thumb

Gingerbread Cupcakes – Christmas Recipe


Everyone loves gingerbread at Christmas time! From gingerbread cookie decorations for the tree, to gingerbread houses to sit as a centrepiece on the table. Why not try something different this year and whip up a batch of these Gingerbread Cupcakes.

Lemon coconut cupcakes thumb

{RECIPE} Lemon Coconut Cupcakes


These Lemon Coconut Cupcakes are sure to become an instant crowd pleaser with their hint of coconut and lemony tang. They are the perfect option when you are after a light cake for any occasion.

Strawberry homemade icy pole recipe


For a more fun and even more delicious after dinner treat, these strawberry smoothie icy poles work well. We often have some in the freezer for after school on hot days or for when friends drop by for lunch.


{Recipes} Easy and Quick Mix Cupcakes


This is a super easy throw-it-all-in recipe and tastes great. Kids and hubby love to take one for morning tea and another after school.


{RECIPE} Lemon Meringue Cupcakes


Delicious, light and fluffy these Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are a hit with kids and adults. The best part is they are quick and easy to make. Be warned though, they are so yummy you may not be able to say no.

{RECIPE} Farm animal cupcakes


These cupcakes are great for birthday parties or even just for a special afternoon tea.

{RECIPE} No Bake Everyday’s a Party Balls


These Everyday’s a Party balls are a great portable treat that you can make in no time and have on hand for when you need them. They are party on the outside and goodness on the inside, and are a nourishing and delicious lunch box addition.

recipe - allergy friendly banana bread

{RECIPE} Allergy Friendly Banana Loaf


This loaf is gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. It’s also I guilt free little treat. Awesome to have with your morning coffee or to pack up on the go for your little one.

{RECIPE} Really Easy Banana Bread


My Banana Bread is nourishing and satisfying. Made with whole food ingredients, it is a real treat served warm with lashings of butter or the perfect addition to the school snack box.

Nutella Hot Cross Buns Recipe


Recipe: What better way to enjoy a hot cross bun than oozing with Nutella®? Delicious!

{RECIPE} Paleo Inspired Choc Chip Biscuit


Whether you’re Gluten intolerant or just avoiding gluten or wheat these little bikkies are great. They are very tasty and more-ish, it really isn’t a massive problem if you have a couple more after dinner or for a snack while doing homework with the kiddies.I like to pack them into snappy bags and freeze them for school lunches. It’s always good to be organised!

egg free pancakes

Egg Free pancakes


Egg free pancakes that is also dairy free and if you use gluten free flour is also a gluten free pancake recipe

{RECIPE} Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding


A Chocolate pudding that’s sugar free, dairy free and egg free. Great for people with allergies or if you are cutting down on your sugar intake. Try making this for your Australia Day festivities dessert!