Toilet Training

The latest invention nobody asked for: A children’s wee cup

Say goodbye to the ‘bush wee’, because a company has come up with a portable urinal cup…  Yep, you read that right. Sold via Amazon, you too can purchase the …

Toilet training

5 Toilet training survival tips from a mum who has been there

Toilet training is one of the holy grails of parenting. You can’t wait for the day when you can ditch the nappies and transform your life (to one of ALWAYS …

Toilet Training Travel Tips Every Mother Needs

How do you manage toilet training your toddler while out and about? Check out these toilet training travel tips that every mother needs!

dads and public toilet

Dads and Public Toilet Duty

Q&A: What do other fathers do when they are out and about and need to take a 2 year old daughter to a toilet in public?

Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication

Has anyone tried elimination communication with your baby? Did it work and was it worth it?’

Problems with Toilet Training

You’ve started toilet training but your toddler just isn’t getting it, or they had it and lost it – what do you do now? Parents share their hints and tips for getting through this speed bump.

starting toilet training

Starting Toilet Training

Parents share how they knew their child was ready to toilet train and how they got started.

Methods of Toilet Training

Parents share how they approached toilet training with their kids.

general tips for toilet training

General Toilet Training Tips

Q&A: What are your general toilet training tips for other parents?

elimination communication

Elimination Communication

There’s been a few questions lately regarding the optimum time to begin potty training and troubles with “traditional” potty training. I’ve noticed that the mere mention of potty training before the traditional age of 2/2.5 brings out a lot of opinions! More often than not the debates revolve around children not being ready to express and control their toileting needs at a young age.