Baby Playtime

Baby Playtime - Baby Reading a Book

Baby Playtime – Developmental Baby Activities And Plain Fun!

From kicking little legs to developing little muscles and brains, baby playtime is all about helping your little one explore the world in a fun and engaging way.  We’ve brought together baby development experts and a community of quarter of a million parents to help you find the best options for entertaining and enriching your bubba.

Baby Hints and Tips Approach to Baby Development

We believe that the best way to help Australian parents is to deliver excellent information – from community tips, to unbiased product reviews to helping parents understand developmental goals in young kids.  We don’t judge, we simply help.  Join the conversation and get the right information with us.

Baby Playtime - Baby Reading a Book

The baby books Australia loves! 5 of the best Aussie stories for little ones

There are some baby books Australia simply loves. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fabulous Australian titles guaranteed to foster learning with little ones.

Bath time - 10 ways to make it more fun

Bath time – 10 ways to make it more fun

Refreshing ideas for the bath … who would have thought of glow sticks …

benefits of baby swimming

The Benefits of Baby Swimming

Baby swimming lessons for most parents bring up feelings of elation and pride as they watch baby grow and thrive in the aquatic environment. However, for some parents, they may …

Best Group Activities for Baby to Toddler

Best Group Activities For Babies and Toddlers – Some great ideas to entertain and nurture your children including playgroup, gym, rhyme time and more

books for kids 0-3 years old

8 of The Best Books For Toddlers

Ever been stumped for the next best book for your little one? The Realistic Mum shares a book review of 8 reads for children zero to three years… It can sometimes …

Baby Walkers and Jolly Jumpers

Q&A: Would love your opinions on walkers and jumpers. Good fun? Dangerous? Bad for feet and hips?

Water play

Kids love the water, and there are so many ways to incorporate it into playtime. With summer on the way, Jan Jones shares a number of water activities that we can use with our 0-6 year olds that are fun and will keep them entertained for hours.

Best Play Space Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Babies inhabit the floor – and it is a very different world to what we are used to. Jan Jones, our early childhood expert, challenges us to get down and see things from our baby’s perspective and provides a range of activities to allow us to play at their level.

Creative development in babies and toddlers

Children grow naturally – therefore, given the right environment most will grow into happy well-adjusted human beings. Jan Jones explains how the carer’s rule is to enhance the setting and respond to their interests, answer their questions and cater for their energy, and encouraging them to take advantage of the moment.

Play and learning activities (0-9 months)

Jan Jones provides a comprehensive list of activities that you can use during playtime with your 0-9 month old.

Play and Leisure Resources for your Baby

Jan Jones provides an extensive list of play and leisure activities to stimulate particular areas of learning from birth right up until 12 years old.

Simple Home Made Toys

Simple handmade toys for baby

Instructions on making a scrunch bag (suitable for 4-18 month olds) plus other homemade toys. There is also information on the value of these toys for babies’ development.


General playtime ideas

Q&A: Hi I was just wanting to know if anyone has any cheap fun, educational, fast ideas I can do with my 15mth old. As I’ve got an 8 week old also n I don’t get a lot of time spare but I don’t want her left out either.

Kids Chasing Bubbles at a Family Picnic

Free Activities

Suggestions for free activities to do with your kids.

indoor activities

Indoor Activities

Indoor play activity suggestions from other parents: