Special Needs

The Shine Shed: A play centre for all-abilities

When I think of play centres, I think loud, crowded and with my son who is very sensitive to loud noises, it means not being able to use more than …

Things Special Needs Parents HATE Hearing

Sometimes we all need to just think before opening our mouths… Here are some things you should never say to a parent that has a special needs child. “I’m so …

Woolies getting behind differently-abled kids

The Fresh Food people have opened a new Woolies, but this isn’t your average grocer, this Woolies is located at St. Gabriel’s School in Castle Hill. St. Gabriel’s caters to …

Coles launches quiet hour to create autism friendly shopping experience

Coles have revealed their newest initiative, Quiet Hour to assist families and individuals on the autism spectrum or suffering with sensory issues. Quiet Hour will roll out across 68 Coles …

today i need kindness

Today I need kindness

Our mum says: Today I need kindness. Be the person who reaches out, asking are you ok? Rather than continuing on without looking sideways at those around

Explaining special needs to your child

Explaining special needs to your child – tips on how to teach your children to be inclusive and understanding of people with special needs

Autism and Fussy Eaters

Fussy eating is a normal part of a toddler’s development between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, but sometimes it can result in food refusal or persist for a long time. Jan Jones provides information about how you can tackle fussy eating and what you shouldn’t do. (Information relates to both general fussy eaters, as well as more specific information for children who are on the autism spectrum)

How Occupational Therapy can Help Children with Autism

Chances are, if you haven’t needed an OT before, you don’t know how much they do and how much you are missing out on! Nicole explains how useful they can be for children with an Autism diagnosis.

what is autism

What is Autism and What does it Look Like

Our Early Childhood expert, Jan Jones, explains what Autism is and how to recognise it.