Centrelink Services for Mums Leaving Their Partners – What You’re Entitled To

Leaving a relationship is an incredibly difficult thing to do, particularly when babies and young children are involved. What are your entitlements as a parent if you separate from your …

becoming a mother

Becoming a Mother

Before children, we feel like we have the world at our feet, hopes and dreams, interests and goals, our own identities. We have a fantasy in mind about becoming a …

Relationship problems after having baby, newborn baby stress

Relationship Problems After Having A Baby – Expert Advice

A newborn baby may do nothing but eat, sleep and poop all day but, the undivided attention and care they need can certainly put a relationship to the test, causing …

how to talk to kids about divorce

How to Tell Kids About Divorce

Wondering how to tell kids about divorce? Telling your kids you are getting divorced may well be one of the most painful conversations you will have in your life. It …

Sharing the Mental Load, going from 2 to 3 children

The Secret to Sharing the Mental Load

Women often shoulder most of the domestic labour and mental load in their household. But there’s a key to sharing the mental load with your partner – communication!

I quit parenting

Quit parenting … I did

In a parenting rut? Maybe its time to focus on the relationship not the task of parenting.

keeping the spark alive

Keeping the spark alive

Keeping the spark alive – a witty look at the unrealistic suggestions on how to keep your relationship alive once you have children and a few more achievable ideas

relationship problems after having kids

Relationship problems after having kids

My husband and I have been together for 12 years, and recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy but now having relationship problems after having kids. The past few weeks we …

7 ways to nurture your relationship

Nurture your relationship. We have 7 ways to help you focus on your relationship when you have kids. A healthy, stable relationship needs continual work.

my vasectomy story

Dads & Vasectomy: I got the snip & survived!

“My Vasectomy Story” Chris shares from first appointment until the snip.From the consultation, the day of surgery and recovery. He got the snip and survived

Keeping Sick Family Away From Your Newborn

Q&A: How do you politely encourage friends and family with sick children to stay away from you and your newborn?

Close friend/family has the same name choice for baby

Q&A: This might seem trivial, but what have other parents done when someone close to you (practically family) has chosen the same name for their bub as you? Have you still named your child the same name or what did you do?


Co-parenting Communication

Expert tips: 5 secrets to co-parenting communication that will help all parents establish the best environment for their kids.

Being intimate when you have a newborn

Q&A: I am really struggling to be intimate with my OH now I’m a Mum. I still think he is amazing & nothing about him has changed, it’s how I see myself. I don’t see my body as sexual now even though I know my partner sees me that way. How can I overcome this?

loss of libido after kids

Loss of Libido After Baby

Tips for boosting your sex drive. If you are one of thousands of women across the country who feels their mojo just isn’t what it used to be ‘pre-kids’, you’ll love this simple, sensible advice from Baby Hints & Tips resident GP, Melissa Homewood.

New Baby in Blended Family

Community Tips: Parents share their tips for new baby in a blended family.

Approaching family members who are smokers

Q&A: I’m due to have my baby anyday now and my husband and his immediate family are all smokers, and I’m nervous having to expose my baby to this when they will want to cuddle him after smoking.

Surprise pregnancy after cheating support

Q&A: I’m 18 weeks + 3days pregnant due on 14 Nov. My Bf and I have been trying for over 2 years, on the 15th of Feb I slept with a different guy but we used protection.

How to approach custody arrangements

Q&A: My partner and I separated a few months ago and at this stage he is refusing to sort out a custody agreement. It is really starting to takes its toll having no stability and I was wondering what avenues could be taken to create a custody agreement.

Post Natal Depression and Relationships

Q&A: How do you keep your relationship with your husband alive when you are struggling through PND?

Deciding on more than one child

Q&A: Just wondering on your thoughts on having more than one child and what are your reasons? Worried about my child growing up lonely being my one and only.

Keeping the relationship alive

Q&A: We all know how much time we give to our bundles of joy once they are born but sometimes our relationships can be affected too. We would love to hear both our mum and dads ideas on how to stay connected to one another. How do find other things to talk about, other than bubs? How do you incorporate quality time to your relationship?

Impact of masturbation on sex life

Q&A: How often does your husband masturbate? Does he do it in secret or is he open about it? How does it impact on your sex life? How often do you have sex?

How to Negotiate Parenting Disputes

“On television, divorce and separation is all about lawyers and their clients having dramatic confrontations in boardrooms, complete with ultimatums and walk-outs. The reality, not surprisingly, is somewhat different…” Family Lawyer Peter Curry provides some great tips on how to approach separation negotiations so the children come out the winners.

sex after kids

Rescuing a boring sex life

Q&A: My husband and I love each very much and we still find each other attractive but finding that our sex life is boring. There’s no effort, no enthusiasm or excitement. We are trying for a baby but are not thinking about that when having sex and its been like this for a while. We are finding it hard to be motivated to try new things. Any ideas on how to naturally get the excitement going again and make it fun like it is when you were first together?

Domestic violence victimes support in Australia

Domestic Violence Victims Support

An explanation of what Domestic Violence is, and where you can go for help if you or someone you know is a victim.