Looking After You & Baby in Pregnancy

Ask an expert – pregnancy category drugs. Which medicines are safe in pregnancy?


Learn about safe medicines in pregnancy. Our expert pharmacist, Tanya Burgess explains pregnancy category drugs and how to keep your baby safe.

pamper yourself

Pamper yourself during pregnancy


Q&A : What did you do ‘just for you’ to pamper yourself during your pregnancy. What did you treat yourself too to help get through your pregnancy.

weight gain in pregnancy

Weight gain in pregnancy


Q&A: Just wondering if other mums could share what their weight gain in pregnancy was. I’m currently 33weeks and have put on about 25kg.

Boosting sex drive while pregnant


Q&A: Bit of an awkward question, but does anyone have any tips for boosting sex drive while pregnant? I’m pregnant with number 3 & my sex drive is at 10 below zero, lol.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy – Midwife Tips


Malia, our resident midwife, explains about weight gain in pregnancy. How much of your pregnancy belly is baby, the placenta amniotic fluid etc, when to seek help about your weight gain, how much weight gain in pregnancy is too much and when to keep an eye on your pregnancy weight gain.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Comments


Q&A: Any suggestions for pregnant mums who continue to have negative comments made to them about their weight gain.

pregnancy insomnia

Pregnancy Insomnia: Tips For Sweet Dreams


Tips to help you sleep in pregnancy: Pregnancy insomnia can be absolutely exhausting – here are some great practical tips to help you sleep

Hyperthyroidism and breastfeeding


Parents Tips: Parents share their best tips for managing hyperthyroidism and breastfeeding. There are also tips here for hypothyroidism and Hashimotos.

Best Maternity Clothes in Australia


Q&A: What is your favourite maternity wear shop?

Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga


Expert Tips: Learn all about the benefits of pregnancy yoga and positive impacts in can have on you and your baby.


6 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives


You’ve decked out the nursery, the newborn nappies are lined up under the change table and your hospital bag is packed. Now here are a few things you probably haven’t thought of that you really should do for yourself before baby arrives.

Pregnancy yoga – the benefits


Natalie Hudson explains how doing yoga regularly during pregnancy is a wonderful and beneficial way to manage your pregnancy, and prepare for birth and motherhood.

Giving Up Smoking During Pregnancy


Giving up smoking during pregnancy Question: I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. But have had the nasty habit of being a smoker, I have been a …

Boosting Sex Drive in Pregnancy


Does anyone have any tips for boosting sex drive while pregnant?

Surviving the last few weeks of pregnancy


Q&A: your tips on how you struggled and how you survived the last few weeks of your pregnancy…

Excercise whilst Pregnant


Q&A: I am pregnant and overweight . I am looking for helpful hints to keep my baby weight gain under control as don’t want to explode

Quitting smoking once pregnant


Q&A: I’m after some support and advice I’m 8weeks pregnant and I feel like I’m lacking confidence in myself to quit smoking l have been cutting down every day but struggling l don’t want negative comments pls as i already being really hard on myself thank u!

Substances to limit or avoid in preconception and pregnancy


Part 4 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Specific nutrient recommendations in preconception and pregnancy


This article is part 3 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Achieving optimal nutrition and health in pre-conception and pregnancy


Part 1 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

General Nutritional requirements and guidelines in pre-conception and pregnancy


Part 2 in our series on Achieving Optimal Nutrition and Health in Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

Pre-conception nutrition


Five must do’s for being in peak pre-conception form

substance abuse

Pregnancy in a mum dealing with substance abuse


Q&A: I need some advice, my sister is pregnant with her third baby but I’m struggling to be happy for her, she suffers with eating disorders and drug and alcohol addiction…

posture in pregnancy

How to change your poor posture


If you can change your poor posture it will help reduce aches and pains, prepare you better for pregnancy and help your recovery post baby.

Medication in Pregnancy


Medication in pregnancy needs to be taken only after discussion with a qualified professional.  The following is some of the information that can be used to determine if a medication is appropriate in conjunction with chatting to your doctor or pharmacist.

Why Good Posture is important Pre and Post Pregnancy


Lorraine from Pregnancy Exercise explains how to assess your posture and what poor posture can indicate, especially after pregnancy.

exercise in pregnancy

Expert tips: Exercise during Pregnancy


How to keep motivated to exercise during pregnancy, and exercise tips for each pregnancy stage.