Baby Health

There’s nothing more upsetting than a sick baby….

Our baby health section brings you practical, helpful information, hints and tips on raising a healthy baby.  We know there’s nothing worse than a sick baby so we offer the best information to help you get through common (and uncommon) childhood illnesses as well as putting lifetime healthy habits in place for your little person.

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Baby Hints and Tips Experts

Our team of experts include child health specialists from traditional, allied and alternative health fields – so we can give you the very best baby health information, without judgement.  A doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, sleep experts and more.

how to give your child eye drops

How to Give Your Child Eye Drops

How to give your child eye drops. Tips from our resident pharmacist and ideas from other parents on how they put eye drops in their child’s eyes

Common Baby Rashes

Common Baby Rashes & Newborn Skin Conditions

Newborn skin conditions explained by Baby Hints and Tips resident GP.

Does your child have chronic constipation

Chronic constipation in kids: How to help your child

Bowel movements are unique to each person. Most people will have one daily, others multiple times a day. We have all experienced the discomfort of constipation at some point in …

child health checklist

Health Checklist: From Newborn to Five Years

There is so much to think about and remember when you become a parent for the first time, including remembering all of the various health checks your child needs to …

Colic baby

Have you got a “Colic Baby”? What does that even mean?

Have you got a “Colic Baby”? If you have a baby who is often crying and unsettled, then you’ve probably received motherly advice that you have a “colic baby” or …

baby temperature, 8 month old baby sleeping

What is a normal baby temperature?

Baby Hints and Tips would like to stress that the below information relating to baby temperature is merely a guide and does not take the place of expert medical advice. …

Private Health And Child Birth – What’s Covered and What If Something Goes Wrong?

PLEASE NOTE: this article is not financial advice. Please speak to your financial advisor or private health care provider with direct questions related to insurance cover for your family. There …

baby bundle scheme

Newborns in NSW set to receive a ‘baby bundle’ worth $150

NSW State Government has revealed this week their new ‘baby bundle’ scheme as part of their budget announcement. What is the baby bundle scheme? The Baby Bundle scheme is an …

What can I do to protect against Whooping Cough

What can I do to protect against Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is highly contagious. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your family against whopping cough and the severe complications it can cause

late night chemists perth

Late Night Chemists Sydney: Local Guide

There’s many reasons why you might need to visit a late night chemist. If you have a busy life, late at night might be the only time you have available. …

Baby boy of parents considering circumcision brisbane

Circumcision Brisbane

Baby Hints and Tips supports all parents to raise their babies their way.  Are you considering a circumcision for your Brisbane boy?  We’ve put together the go-to guide to circumcision …

late night chemists perth

Late Night Chemists Adelaide: Local Guide

We’ve put together the late night chemists Adelaide guide so you can easily find the day and night pharmacy closest to you!

measles case

Brisbane Man Diagnosed with Measles

A Brisbane man has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of measles which is highly infectious.  This is the fourth confirmed case in Brisbane this year. Travel on Brisbane trains …

Nappies for premature babies

This neonatal nurse created the perfect nappy for premature babies

Seona Emanuelli has spent her entire career working in neonatal units and caring for babies born from 23 weeks gestation. When the neonatal nurse and mum saw that there was …

tooth decay

Tooth decay on the rise! Study shows more kids than ever need surgery.

Dental surgery is becoming one of the top reasons for hospital admissions amongst preschoolers and early primary school children.  For several years now, tooth decay has been a growing reason …

Baby boy of parents considering circumcision brisbane

Circumcision Sydney

Circumcision is a procedure Sydney residents might be considering for their little one because of religious, cultural or health reasons. This is a big decision and it’s important to understand …

late night chemists perth

Late Night Chemists Melbourne: Local Guide

Late night chemists are a saviour to people with busy lives or in those circumstances when your sickness doesn’t coincide with office hours. So, to make the process of looking …

Baby boy of parents considering circumcision brisbane

Circumcision Perth

Circumcision is a procedure which parents may wish to get done for their children for various reasons. However, with varying laws and clinics in each state we made this guide …

Free meningicoccal vaccine for Australian children under 5

A new meningicoccal vaccine that covers 4 strains to be made available for FREE for Australian children under 5 years old.

Baby boy of parents considering circumcision brisbane

Circumcision Adelaide

There’s a lot to consider if you’re wanting to get a circumcision for your baby boy in Adelaide.  So we’ve put together this handy guide with information on both the …

Probiotics and adhd

Probiotics- Could they prevent ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome?

Probiotics are an important supplement for gut health, but could a probiotic supplement be the key to preventing ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome?

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers to be forced out of childcare centres

Victorian Anti-Vaxxers are kicked to the curb as the Victorian government tightens childcare enrolments. Will this impact you?

must have baby skin products

Must Have Baby Skin Products – Baby Skin Care Hints and Tips

Q&A: I am due to have my baby boy soon, wondering whats the best baby products to use on my newborns skin? (Bathwash,soap,Wipes,nappies,rashcream,lotion,etc)

The Ugly Truth Behind Those UBER Cute Toddler Shoes!

There’s nothing so heart melting as cute toddler shoes.  They’re so little and so adorable on toddling, stumbling little feet.  Here’s the issue though, toddler feet are precious – they’re …

Meningococcal Vaccinations – Cutting Through the Confusion

Meningococcal disease – it is rare, but we have all heard about it due to its high rates of serious disability and death. The disease is caused by a bacterium …

Vitamin K for newborns

Vitamin K for newborns

Find out why a vitamin K injection for your newborn is a very wise decision.

Flu facts - what does your GP have to say?

Flu facts – what does your GP have to say?

Your questions answered on the flu and vaccination.

Doctor’s Advice: Newborn Jaundice

With the help of our resident GP, Baby Hints and Tips takes a closer look at jaundice in babies. Find out the causes, symptoms and treatment of jaundice.

Febrile convulsions in babies and children

Febrile convulsions in babies and children

Expert advice on what to do if your child experiences a febrile convulsion.

Safety alert: dehydrated baby

Dehydrated baby: safety alert

Dehydrated baby: A timely reminder on keeping your baby well hydrated over the hotter months.