Toddler Behaviour

toddler taming

8 Tips for Toddler Taming a Threenager

8 Tips for Toddler Taming – help to manage and improve your toddlers behaviour by trying to understand what is behind their actions

toddler tantrum

Tame your Toddler Tantrums with Heart Hugs

Being a parent is hard, sure we love it but damn, it can be really hard. Particularly when you’re child is in the middle of a code red toddler tantrum. …

Princess Charlotte: Her Tantrum was Nothing

The news of today is that Princess Charlotte had a tantrum while getting on a plane in Germany.  Watch this vision and tell me if you think this is a …

How To Explain Death To Toddlers

That awkward moment, after death – explaining death to toddlers while you’re grieving

My grandfather died.  The grandfather my three year old and I would visit semi-regularly in the Alzheimer’s ward at the local nursing home.  In reality, my grandfather “died” of this …

toddler biting

Toddler biting

Advice needed to stop a toddler biting and pinching – parents share their advice to help manage these behaviours

3 year old who hits and kicks at their parents.

3 Year Old Who Hits and Kicks

Community Tips: Parents share their tips for dealing with behaviour in a 3 year old who hits and kicks at their parents.

positive behaviour strategies for 18 month old

Positive Behaviour Strategies for Toddlers

Community Tips: Positive Behaviour Strategies for Toddlers. Ideas to manage behaviour like biting, hair pulling and throwing things in an 18 month old

Stopping toddler putting hand in nappy

Stopping toddler putting hand in nappy

Q&A: Does anyone have ideas how to get my just 2 yr old to stop putting his hands down the back of his nappy and pulling out poo.

Stopping thumb sucking

Q&A: What worked for you to stop your child sucking their thumb? We have a mum desperate for ideas.

How to remove a dummy cold turkey

How to remove a dummy cold turkey

Advice from our parenting community on how to remove a dummy cold turkey


Tantrums in a two year old

Tips for dealing with your 2 year olds tantrums – parents share their best tips for behaviour management for when children do not get what they want

toddler with newborn twins

Tips for Looking after Newborn Twins plus Toddler

Q&A: Just after anyones ‘thank god I was told this!’ tips for looking after newborn twins and a toddler who will be almost 2 when they’re born.


Playground Bullying Advice for Mums

Q&A: What do other parents do in these scenarios? Do you approach the parent or carer of the child?

Toddler Behaviour changes after new baby

Parenting Tips: I have a 2 and 1/2 year old and a 5 week old been having lots and lots of behavioural issues with the eldest since bubs has come along I was expecting issues to a certain extent but what can I do?

Child Restraint / Harness – Yes or No?

Q&A: If you used a restraint / harness for your child, tell us what you used and why? Did it help? If you are against using restraints / harnesses tell us why? Bear in mind your response needs to have a genuine reason, not a judgment.

Does your child shout too much?

Wish your child would learn to use their inside voice? Early childhood educator Jan Jones has some great tips for you.

Guiding Children’s Behaviour

The first step to guiding children’s behaviour is understanding what is behind the unwanted behaviour, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, discusses some of the common causes of bad behaviour, and suggests strategies for helping to develop your child’s coping mechanisms in these situations, and for encouraging new, more positive, behaviours to form.

Tantrums: Our Mums Share Their Tips

Q&A: What do you find helps when dealing with tantrums?

terrible twos

Terrible twos

Q&A: How did you deal with the ‘terrible twos’?

Sibling Jealousy after the Arrival of New Baby

Q&A: Did you do anything to help your child cope with the arrival of a new baby? Did they cope well? Any tips?

Understanding your child’s behaviour

When children are behaving well, the reasons for their behaviour are very similar. Well-behaved children are happy, engaged and responsive. However, when children are not behaving well the reasons behind this behaviour can be very broad, and can require different reactions from you.