Getting Ready For Baby

12 week gender ultrasound – is it accurate?


Community Tips: How often is gender wrong on ultrasound? Parents share their experience with incorrect ultrasound predictions.

Dreams about baby gender – are they gender predictors? Our mums weigh in!


Q&A: What has been your experience with baby gender dreams? Accurate or not accurate?

animal print wallpaper

Nursery wallpaper inspiration


Go classic! Decorate a nursery with a classic wallpaper design When the nesting instinct kicks in, you might want nothing more than to create a space that surrounds your future …

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

What should I pack in my hospital bag?


Take a light-hearted approach to packing your hospital bag.

Antenatal class 101

Antenatal class 101


‘Open cervix, open mind’ … it’s all in Antenatal Class 101.

frozen meal ideas for new mums

Frozen meal ideas for new mums


Frozen meal ideas for new mums. Otherwise known as dump bags. Our mums share lots of ideas for meals that are ideal to freeze for when mum comes home.

essential baby items

Essential baby items


Q&A: What’s some of the essential baby room items – big and small – that you now LOVE in your child’s nursery? What themes have you done for a boy? girl? unknown?

When To Tell Your Boss You Are having a baby


Q&A: How did you notify your employer you were having a baby? Verbally or by email? And what did you say exactly?

Nursery theme

Nursery themes


Q&A: What nursery themes did you do? Is it better to do a baby theme or wait and do a toddler room based on their interests later on?

Getting Ready For Second Baby

Getting Ready For Second Baby


Getting Ready For Second Baby – Pregnant with baby number two. My son will be 2.5 my second is born.What do you wish people told you before your second arrived?

Expecting? Baby Equipment Checklist


Baby Equipment Checklist: Make sure you remember everything by using this checklist

First time mum anxiety towards labour


Q&A: I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I’m absolutely terrified of giving birth.

Dads: Life With A Pregnant Woman


Dad’s view: Chris shares his tips on how to survive and thrive when living with a pregnant woman. She may be horny, moody, exhausted and distracted. ENJOY

baby name ideas

New Places To Seek Baby Name Inspiration


Baby Name Ideas: Suggestions on places to look for baby name inspiration

budget nursery ideas

Nursery Design – How to create a gorgeous space for less!


Expert tips on creating a gorgeous budget nursery. Ideas to help you make your baby’s room look amazing without spending lots of money

hospital bag checklist

Packing Your Hospital Bag


Tips: New mum, Jess, shares a hospital bag checklist to help mums to be to get organised

rare baby names

The Rarest Baby Names on the Planet!


If you are pregnant and seeking a truly rare baby name Baby Hints & Tips have the answer to your quest! The most rare names have been announced by My …

how to turn a posterior baby

How to Turn a Posterior Baby


Parenting Tips: How to turn a posterior baby – parents share their tips

Baby Names – Negative meanings


Have you named your baby a name with a negative meaning?

Baby Names – Changing your mind


Please no judgemental comments. Has anyone ever decided that they dislike the baby name they chose? (Please only comment if you have) and what did you do? I hardly ever call …

Baby predictor to guess babys gender


Parents share their experience with using various baby predictor options to determine the sex of their baby

ECV experiences


My baby has been persistently breech throughout my entire pregnancy. I am now in my last 6 weeks and the obstetrician is recommending an ECV. What are others experiences of …

Pre-Birth Classes


Just wondering what useful things others got out of antenatal birth classes? I’m due with my first bub in nov and am tossing up to go them as I have a …

Storing Cord Blood and Tissue

Storing Cord Blood and Tissue


Q&A: I am looking at storing my babies cord blood and tissue and was wondering if anyone else has done this?


Hospital Bag for a C-Section


Q&A: Just wondering what people have found essential to pack in their hospital bags for a c section? What little things have you found that makes you most comfortable, heals quicker?

Celebrating A New Baby: 6 Top Gifts for New Mums


Everybody buys for baby, but what about the new mum? Kari has a great list of gift suggestions to remind mum you are thinking of her too.

Top 10 must haves for you and baby


There are so many products out there in baby shops and on line that it is not surprising many new parents are confused and unsure what to buy for their baby and what not to bother with. Here are 10 things that will make life with a newborn so much easier.

Heart rates of babies in the womb


Heart rate of babies in the womb. Does the old wives tale accurately predict gender? High fetal heart rate for a girl and low fetal heart rate for a boy

Getting the house ready for a new baby


Getting a house ready before a baby’s arrival can seem very daunting! Janell from Baby Button shares how she and her husband got their (very full) study/junk room ready for their new baby, and all without creating a new junk area or losing any storage space.

Hospital bag


Q&A: Hospital bag check list – for mum, partner and baby! What did you pack? What couldn’t you have lived without?