Baby In Nappies being silly

Baby Nappies – Choosing The Right Options

Cloth Vs Disposable – choosing the right nappies for your little one is a big challenge in the first few months.  We bring you advice from mums who’ve been there before, tips for caring for cloth nappies and reviews on the best  brands when it comes to… containing….

Night use, overnight toilet training, best options when out and about… we answer all your questions with expert, practical advice so you can get on with enjoying your baby!  We believe that the best advice is accurate, helpful and completely without judgement – so join the conversation and get all the help you need to choose the right products for the little bottom in your life!

Beginners Guide to Modern Cloth Nappies: All You Need to Know

Mention the words “modern cloth nappy” and most people will say “oh, really”, give you the look of confusion and almost instantaneously say “how do they work”?  The world of MCNs can be daunting and confusing, especially for 1sttime Mums, however, after a few more questions and education most people become instantaneously converted!

taking nappy off

11 month old keeps taking nappy off

My 11 month old has finally figured out how to take his pants and nappy off!! Let’s just say it wasn’t a very good time for any of us lol. …

which cloth nappy at night

Cloth nappy at night

Which cloth nappy do you use at night? Baby Beehinds have a fantastic night nappy. Cassandra Double Inserts I use cloth nappies (mcn) and used a double insert at night …

Cloth nappies: getting started

Cloth Nappies: Getting Started

Five fantastic tips for getting started with modern cloth nappies.

cleaning cloth nappies

Considering Cloth Nappies? And the truth about poo!

Expert Tips: Learn about cleaning cloth nappies especially how to deal with poo

Dazed and Confused? Which Modern Cloth Nappies

There’s no doubt about it, information on the internet about modern cloth nappies can be lengthy and confusing! When I started my online shop one of my aims was to simplify cloth nappies for beginners. These 5 short descriptions will assist you in understanding the differing types of cloth nappy systems.

Are You Crazy?! You are thinking about using modern cloth nappies?

When most parents think of cloth nappies they imagine huge, old-school, terry towelling nappies soggily drooping from a baby’s behind. Thank goodness those days are over!

nappy rash remedies

Nappy Rash Remedies

What are your tried and tested nappy rash remedies? Which is the best nappy rash cream?  Midwife nappy rash tips here Dry the bottom after cleaning and before putting on …

Keeping Baby Still on the Change Table

Q&A: Does anyone have any tips on how to get an 8 month old to stay still on the change table? It’s becoming impossible to change her. She keeps rolling all over the place.

Which brand of nappies are recommended?

Q&A: I have been trying to work out which nappies to use for my baby who is arriving in a couple of weeks, but I don’t even know where to start! What does everyone recommend and why?

Environmental impact of disposable nappies

It is a common misconception that there is very little difference between disposable and reusable nappies in overall environmental impact.

Modern Cloth Nappies

Q&A: Which modern cloth nappies have mcl nappy mums found the best? Did you use them from newborn? Any other helpful hints and tips for cloth nappy care?

Modern cloth nappy review

Cloth Nappies – Which ones?

Q&A: I am thinking of swapping from disposable nappies to cloth nappies. Can I please get some advice on them ie do they work as good as disposables, which brands are best, which liners are best, how to clean them & expense.

Cloth or disposable nappies?

Q&A: Do you use cloth or disposable nappies?

elimination communication

Elimination Communication

There’s been a few questions lately regarding the optimum time to begin potty training and troubles with “traditional” potty training. I’ve noticed that the mere mention of potty training before the traditional age of 2/2.5 brings out a lot of opinions! More often than not the debates revolve around children not being ready to express and control their toileting needs at a young age.