Childhood Development

Toddler Childcare Rooms - What Mums Must Know Before Sending Their 18 month to 3 year old to Daycare

Toddler Daycare Room – Childcare Guide For 18 Months to 3 Years


It’s time… your little one is ready to enter the toddler daycare room and start some new relationships outside the family. It’s a big step for your toddler and for …

Playdough: top ten tips

Playdough: top ten tips


See playdough in a whole new light.

Preschool changes behaviour, not the brain

Preschool changes behaviour, not the brain


Need a strong argument for play-based learning in preschool. Read on.

Winter themed books + perfectly paired activities

Winter themed books with perfectly paired activities


Stuck indoors? Don’t despair, your book collection can be a great inspiration for fun-play and creativity.

Five Books that Promote Numeracy for Your Child


Five books to promote numeracy in your child. Not just learning how to count but everything mathematical in these fabulous picture books

Building Resilience in Children


Tips for building resilience in children. Research suggests that a child’s resilience is one of the biggest indicators of success in life. So lets build them up

Five chores your 2-3 year old can do!


5 Chores your 2-3 year old can do. Teach your toddler to help around the house and tidy up after themselves from an early age with these appropriate chores.

Speech Milestones: Two Year Olds


Expert Tips: Speech Pathologist, Clare, explains speech milestones age 2 and 3. Including what children should be able to say at those ages.

Is my child autistic? What should I do if I am worried?


Is my child autistic? A guide to knowing when to seek help from a doctor and seek assessment to diagnose or rule out autism

baby's first shoes

5 Tips for Buying Baby’s First Shoes


Once your little one has mastered the art of crawling, one of the next big milestones is inevitably when they start to walk. There is a mountain of footwear advice …

Play with Toddlers to Develop Maths & English


Expert tips: English and maths activities for toddlers to learn through play. Using invitations to play to engage your children in learning

help your baby to talk

Speech development in Children: When to Worry


Expert Tips: Speech Pathologist, Clare, shares when to worry about your child’s speech development. And when not to worry.

Stuttering in children

Expert Advice: Stuttering in Children


Stuttering in children is a disorder that brings both worry and dread to parents. In this expert article, speech therapist Clare Francis lays out all you need to know about understanding, identifying and assisting your child with stuttering.

Sign Language


Q&A: Does anyone use sign language to help with behaviour?

Exploring and Learning: Fine Motor Skills


When you hear ‘fine motor skills’, you’re hearing about your child’s finger and hand muscles – the way children grasp, manipulate, stack, sort and develop hand-eye coordination. These skills are an important part of childhood development as they help children prepare for pre-school and school tasks such as writing, drawing, cutting and colouring.

Ball play for children


Our Early Childhood Educator, Jan Jones, explains why ball play is such an important part of a child’s development.

The sound of speech – the ages and stages of children’s speech


Learning to communicate is a step by step process for all children, but many parents wonder if their children’s speech and language is developing normally. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, discusses the stages of speech development, the general pattern that most children follow, and when to seek help.

Early Childhood Tips: Block Play


Block play can do more than simply entertain your toddler. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, explains how it can help with their development, and the best ways to implement it.

How your child develops?


The first few years are extremely important in the growth and development of your child. Parents guide their children through these years. These are wonderful times to laugh, play and learn from and with your child. Our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, looks at the four main areas of development and provides some ideas to help aid your child’s development.

Creative development in babies and toddlers


Children grow naturally – therefore, given the right environment most will grow into happy well-adjusted human beings. Jan Jones explains how the carer’s rule is to enhance the setting and respond to their interests, answer their questions and cater for their energy, and encouraging them to take advantage of the moment.

Stages of Development by Age (12 months to 5 years)


Jan Jones lists the stages of development from 12 months to five years. She covers developmental milestones for skills such as fine, gross and social, as well as speech and language, and suggests ways to encourage development at home.

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Learning to speak and listen – what to expect in the first five years


Many parents wonder if children’s language and listening skills are developing normally. While individual children develop their talking and listening skills at different rates, our early childhood expert, Jan Jones, reveals that there is a general pattern to children’s language development.

Childhood Development: Developing through Play


Decades of research have documented that play has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning and development of children from infancy through adolescence.