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FREE Easter egg hunt printables – simple ideas for the ultimate egg hunt!

easter egg hunt fun with kids

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!  Our Easter egg hunt printables are all about big imaginations and lots of Easter morning fun… not just chocolate!  Our famous, free printable Easter egg hunt clues are back for another year.  Break out the plastic Easter eggs and print off these free egg hunt clues to make Easter morning extra special for kids!

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Use these Easter Egg Hunt Printables FREE clues. We have an inside option, outside or you can even a blank form for you to write your own Easter egg hunt clues.

Egg your friends – the nice way!

Egg Your Friends: The outside clues are perfect to be used to Egg Your Friends, in the nicest way possible. Your unsuspecting friends will get quite a surprise when they find a “you’ve been egged” sign on their front door. And your kids will be giggling all the way home and the egged victims will have so much fun exploring for the hidden eggs in their garden.

Easter egg hunt printable clues for around the house

Imagine your kids excitement as they go hunting for the next clue. Get the whole family involved!

Easter egg hunt ideas for the front yard

This is a great option to use if you are planning to egg your friend’s house.

Write your own Egg Hunt clues

This will be perfect to create individualised clues for your family and friends to hop into their Easter egg hunt.  Got great neighbours?  Why not print off a few and get the whole neighbourhood involved in the Easter egg hunt?  Send the kids on an adventure through neighbourhood yards, looking for clues. The ultimate stash of Easter eggs and other Easter treats (and we’ve got a list of great Easter alternatives to chocolate here) to share.  No more sad kids missing out!

Happy hunting 🙂


Happy Easter and don’t forget the Hot Cross Buns!

Got a hot tip for setting up the ultimate Easter egg hunt?  A cool idea for Easter egg hunt clues?  Share below with our community of mums, we’re all hopping mad for Easter!

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