When Things Go Wrong in Pregnancy

Miracle Moon Walk 2

Miracle Moon Walk is coming to Sydney

The Miracle Babies Foundation is bringing it’s special event, the first ever Miracle Moon Walk to Sydney in support of premature and sick newborns and the families and hospitals that …

Private Health And Child Birth – What’s Covered and What If Something Goes Wrong?

PLEASE NOTE: this article is not financial advice. Please speak to your financial advisor or private health care provider with direct questions related to insurance cover for your family. There …

Decreased Foetal Movement: Preventing a Stillbirth

 This article is a contribution by Penny, a registered nurse and midwife with 20 years experience in nursing and 10 years in midwifery. She is also a mum to two …

Precipitous Labour - When your labour moves too fast

Precipitous Labour – 6 Facts You Need To Know About Rapid Labour

Precipitous Labour is commonly known as fast labour. While that might sound ideal, there can be a number of complications that can make this condition something to be aware of. …

Difficult Pregnancy: When things don’t go according to plan

Did you go through a difficult pregnancy? With health scares for her and bub along the way, Cathy shares her story for other mums to find hope!

Ask an expert – pregnancy category drugs. Which medicines are safe in pregnancy?

Learn about safe medicines in pregnancy. Our expert pharmacist, Tanya Burgess explains pregnancy category drugs and how to keep your baby safe.

pregnancy after placenta abruption

Pregnancy after placenta abruption

I would love to hear from those who suffered a placenta abruption during pregnancy and have gone on to have other pregnancies. Just wondering what your experiences were in a pregnancy after placenta abruption.

Telling friends who have miscarried or trying to conceive you are pregnant

Q&A: I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. How do I tell my friends that have either recently miscarried or those who have been trying for years to conceive?

Experiences with Amniocentesis

Q&A: Just found out I have to have an amniocentesis because of 1 in 186 risk fetal abnormalities. Just after some support/words of wisdom from others who might have been through this. I’m 35 and 12 weeks pregnant.

what to say to someone who has miscarried

What not to say to a friend who has miscarried…

Blog – What to say to someone who has miscarried or what not to say can be very hard. Most important is to make sure you are there.

miscarriage fear

Fear of miscarriage after previous loss

How can I stop worrying so much? Has anyone else been through this? How can I stop being so anxious?

Coping with waiting for a D&C

What I need advice on is how to get through the next week mentally. I find it foreign and strange to be walking around the shops with a baby that has no heartbeat and is not alive. Any tips please?

Miscarriage support

Please forgive me if my words are insensitive today. Yesterday I had a scan and there’s no heartbeat. We are absolutely shocked and devastated. What I’m struggling with is having …

Miscarriage – What did friends/family do that helped?

Q&A: What did family/friends do that helped? Was there anything that didn’t help or made you feel worse?

Overcoming fear of miscarrying again

Q&A: I found out yesterday that I had miscarried. I was 5 weeks. Hubby and I had been trying for this one (#2) for a while so we were over the moon when we found out we were pregnant. How do we overcome the shock? I’m really struggling but hubby is struggling a lot more than I thought he would. I’m trying to stay strong for him but inside I’m dying. How can I grieve and be there for him? We are both now too scared to try again. How do people overcome this fear that it may happen again?

Downs Syndrome Screening Results

Q&A: I’m 12 weeks pregnant and had the Down syndrome screening test done. I got the results back today coming in at 1/149. Can other mums please give advice on their similar experiences and if they went on to have further testing done and what was the end result.

ICP – Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Q&A: Has anyone had ICP? (Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy) Did u get induced and when? Also did it affect your pregnancy at all?

Cysts on baby’s brain

Q&A: Im 24 weeks and I just seen my obstetrician and she said that my 20 week scan has shown 2 cysts on my babies brain. She said it is common and most likely will go away, if not it could lead to my baby having Down syndrome. Did anyone else have this? I have no idea what to think!

Pre Labour Premature Rupture of Membranes PROM

Midwife Tips: Pre Labour/Premature Rupture of Membranes (PROM)

The moment your waters break is usually a signal for women that they will get to meet their baby soon. But sometimes baby doesn’t come straight away or it happens before full term. Our midwife, Caroline May, explains what PROM and PPROM are, and what you can expect if you experience it.

What is your experience with complete placenta previa

Placenta praevia

Q&A: I would love some advice on complete placenta previa. I’m 20 weeks and My Dr has just told me that my placenta is centered over my cervix and in her opinion when she sees it like this it doesn’t move. I do go back for a scan at 32 weeks just in the off chance it does move.