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one of those days as a mum

Just one of those days

Today was one of those days. Where not yelling at the kids (again) seems like a huge achievement and by the time you get to sit down you feel so drained you just stare at the TV but forget to turn it on…

The Un-Pear Shaped Day

When you’re a parent, days that don’t go pear shaped can be few and far between.

Baby Steps: Super Mum!

You would think that most questions I would receive after my daughter’s dad walked out would be based around: ‘How are you coping?’, ‘How do you feel?’, ‘How can I help make his life miserable for you?’ Yet, remarkably, the question I get from pretty much everyone is: ‘How are you being so nice to him about everything, Louise?’ And my answer to this is; ‘Why not?’…

Packing Man Bags: The good side to food intolerances

Often a diagnosis of food intolerance in our children can be a cause of stress and worry, but as Chris reveals it isn’t all bad. Here he reflects on the positive ways it has impacted on their family.