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Active Kids Grant

If you have school aged children that are participating in eligible sporting activities, you may be able to apply now for the NSW Government’s Active Kids grant. You will receive a $100 voucher to give to the service provider to help parents afford the fees that come with keeping our kids active. Find out if you qualify for the grant and how to apply.

Active kids grantWho is eligible?

The voucher is awarded to families with children aged between 4.5 years and 18 years who are currently enrolled in school (from Kindergarten to Year 12) in NSW. This includes home schooled children and children enrolled in secondary education at TAFE.

How does the voucher work?

The voucher can only be redeemed once and on the eligible child. If the activity they are doing costs less than $100, the remaining amount cannot be used on other activities. Parents will need to use the voucher during the calendar year that the voucher was issued otherwise it will expire. The voucher can’t be redeemed for sporting goods or equipment, it must be spent on the active activity and must all be spent with the one organisation. So if your child does swimming lessons and gymnastics, it can only be used for one of the two activities.

Is your sporting activity registered?

Some sporting clubs and organisations are already on the register and are ready to accept vouchers issued by the State Government. If you have your child enrolled in a sporting activity and their club isn’t yet appearing on the list of eligible businesses, you can send them a link to register and encourage them to join the initiative. Have a look here to see if your sporting club is accepting vouchers. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/find-active-kids-provider

What do I need to complete my child’s registration?

You will need the following things to register your child to claim their voucher:

· A login for Services NSW

· Your Medicare card with the eligible child’s details

· Your child’s weight and height (this is optional but helps the Government with research on BMI and the initiative)

Where can I apply?

If you need further information or you’re ready to apply for your $100 rebate, click here. https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher

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