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Baby measuring ahead at ultrasound

pregnant woman and ultrasound picturesI’m 32 weeks pregnant with my first and my doctor wants to send me for another ultrasound as bub’s head is measuring 4 weeks in front. I was just wondering if any other mums out there had similar things and were still able to give birth naturally or if they were induced? Also how their pelvis was when when bub engaged?

  • I never had Bubs head measured, nor told how big he would be. My partner is 6’3 and I am 5’10 so we knew he would be big. 9lb 12oz, 1st bub, 56cm long, naturally. 3rd degree tear, I would do natural again but doctors aren’t keen for me to. C section was never in my mind for Bubs. Louise
  • I was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead. Was estimated 7 pounds at 35 weeks. I asked if ultrasounds are wrong and the OB said they can easily be out a pound out each way. My bub measured big for length, head circumference etc so said my scan was likely accurate. Was induced at 38 weeks and had an 8 pound boy. Head circumference was 35.5cm I think. He came out posterior had a second degree tear but it didnt hurt at all. I wouldnt worry. I was happy to follow my doctors advice. I knew he was big had been kicking like hell since 32 weeks lol Annie
  • I had to have a scan at 32 weeks as bub was measuring very big… head circumference was measuring 37wks… had a vaginal birth with a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy… but he was a big boy at just over 9pounds with his dads big head lol… your body can do amazing things you just have to trust it Kimberlee
  • Scans aren’t 100% accurate. I was the opposite. I was having blood pressure issues and having scans every week from 35 weeks. I was told to expect a small baby around 5 1/2 pounds. She was born the next day 7 pounds. Haylee
  • I have measured ahead for both my first pregnacy and this one. I had a natural birth with not pain relief with my first but he was big and came very fast with little support from the midwife so left major damage. I will be induced early with this baby to avoid the damage and a massive baby as this one is measuring larger. I a n scared!! Emily
  • head circumference doesn’t mean anything, the skull plates shift and overlap as baby descends down the birth canal. As long as head circumference is smaller than shoulder width then you have nothing to worry about and can deliver baby whenever he/she decides to arrive without any need for induction Jenna
  • I too had bubs measuring in front of my term. I went on to have a natural birth with no pain relief. They did have to help bub move a little once engaged but the rest was up to me. I think that you will be fine and the scan may show that things aren’t as pronounced as first thought. Best of luck x Melanie
  • My baby was 2 weeks behind for the first part of pregnancy, then measured 5 weeks in front right up until the end. I had pretty bad pelvic pain in the last few weeks and when he engaged, felt like he would fall out! He was 9 pound and I had a csection because I didn’t dilate at all. But all his proportions were perfect and now 10 months later, he’s average size for everything Wendy
  • i had the exact same thing. bub was born naturally, i refused to be induced before my due date, and was not induced. not sure what you want to know about pelvis, but every thing was as it aught to be. Alice
  • I was the same! Always measured weeks ahead. Had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub was big! Did need inducing but only because my labour didn’t progress. Had him naturally and he was 9p 8 oz. Best of luck! Sarah
  • My tummy was measuring 38.5 weeks at 32 weeks. Sent me for an ultra sound, they told me he weighed 6pd 15lb left it had another scan at 37.3weeks they told me he was 8pd 13lb so they called me a day later and asked if I wanted to be induced n as it was hot (december) I was like yep got induced monday had him Wednesday n he was born 8pd 10lb head circ 58.3cm and 50.4cm long. Active labour was 8.5 hrs n only had the gas for aboit 8 contractions before pushing! Taylor
  • my boy’s was, 9 p 12 natural. Very quick labour. Too quick for such a big bub and 1st time mum. I even missed out on pain relief it was so quick (3-4 hrs) I opted for ceasar 2nd round. Laura
  • My second sons head circ was off the charts big the whole way through my pregnancy. I had a c-section for that reason (however I think my Ob prefers not to do VBACs as well). It ended up being an emergency c-section as I went into labour before the scheduled date, and at one stage it looked like I was going to give birth naturally before the surgical team would arrive and to be honest I was petrified of giving birth naturally. That being said I am sure everything would have worked out fine if I had. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable. Laura
  • Bub # 4 at 30 weeks head circumference and belly were measuring 35 weeks but his legs were measuring 31. Lol I asked the sonographer if he was going to have little tiny legs. He said no he is going to have normal size legs with a big head and torso lol. He naturally came a month early weighing 7lb 5oz, no issues or intervention needed for delivery. Best wishes. Aimie
  • the day before i had my bubs they did an ultra sound said she’d be over 8 pounds… she was 6 pounds Alison
  • I wouldnt have C section again (2 natural births, 1 emergency caesar- 2 premmies at 32 weeks) unless it was emergency as its a longer recovery time than natural birth. 4 mths down the track I ruptured the scar inside and had to go back in hospital for it to be fixed and I never lifted anything heavy either. Debbie

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