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Balance Buddy Review

balance buddy bikeFour reasons why this is the best balance bike this Christmas!

If you’re contemplating a balance bike for under the Christmas tree this year, Baby Hints and Tips has just reviewed new product Balance Buddy and we’d say it’s a winner! Here are four and a bit reasons we love this innovative product and think you will too! (With feedback from a real Mum and her son)

balance buddyBalance Buddy looks super cool

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t immediately attracted to its sleek styling. Bright colours, motorbike inspired lines and modern packaging made us think it looked pretty awesome. And our little test driver agreed – he couldn’t get on quick enough! There was a whole lot of vroom, vroom, vroom to follow! I think in two year old language that’s a seal of approval!

balance buddy reviewBalance Buddy is built tough – but safe!

When it comes to toys and play-equipment, for me, safety is everything. The Balance Buddy bike is made from highly durable, non-toxic plastic. Its engineered to take all the knocks, bumps and rough play your kids can throw at it. It complies with Australian and New Zealand safety standards and has no sharp edges, screws or dangerous little crannies where little people can shove their fingers. We have previously owned a timber balance bike and the non-wood construction of Balance Buddy is far more practical and safe. There’s no screws, no splinters and it weighs half as much!

balance buddyBalance Buddy grows with your child

With adjustable handlebars and seat height you’re Balance Buddy can be tweaked to ensure the perfect fit for both comfort and safety.  Unlike it’s wooden predecessor which has no adjustments Balance Buddy’s features means this bike can grow with your child and you’ll get years of happy use out of it. I hate buying quality products that don’t give a good life span; I could immediately see that the Balance Buddy was perfect for us! Master Two could get his feet on the ground straight away but we’d be able to adjust it as he grows!

balance buddyBalance Buddy is practical in so many ways

For me the greatest appeal of the Balance Buddy is that it is light. I hate hauling the heavy bikes in and out of the car boot when we go to the park. Even worse when we walk to the park and little master is too tired to ride home I hate carrying the bike. Balance Buddy is light enough to pop under your arm or put across the top of the pram if this arises. It’s the little things that make a mum’s day so much easier! Speaking of easy, now’s a good moment to mention that Balance Buddy is simple to put together with all the tools you need to build this bad boy provided! If you’re thinking of a balance bike we’d definitely suggest you investigate the Balance Buddy, there’s many reasons we’d suggest this is a first choice this Christmas!

balance buddyFour thumbs up from mum and master two!

Balance Buddy is super-affordable at only $129 and can be purchased online.

FACTS: Why to consider a balance bike over a tricycle or training wheels!

  • Suitable for children as little as 18 months
  • With skills learned from a balance bike children as young as 3 can transition to a traditional push bike with no training wheels
  • A balance bike is normally used for 2-3 years so its bang-for-buck and doesn’t see you upgrading through numerous dinky, tricycle and small push bikes at greater cost
  • There’s many developmental and social benefits including increased capacity in sport, understanding balance and motion and reduced injury risks longer term in other activities, gross motor benefits, steering – brain links and general confidence for your little one!

This article is sponsored by Balance Buddy

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