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best piece of parenting adviceWhat’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given since having children?

  • I’m having to lay down next to (& cuddle) DD lately to get her to go to sleep for both day & night sleeps, everyone is telling me I’m creating a rod for my own back & that she’ll never sleep on her own again she’s fine when she wakes up & sees I’ve gone but just needs that extra cuddle to drift off. Someone else told me to cherish all the cuddles I can because before too long they’re grown & won’t want them as often. I think I’ll take the latter thanks . Kristin
  • I always think “I’m never going to look back and wish I had cuddled him LESS am I?” No one regrets cuddling their children Jess
  • The worst piece of advice was that I would spoil my children if I cuddled or held them too much! The best piece was you cannot spoil a child with love! Belinda
  • Kristin, if anyone ever says that she’ll never sleep on her own, tell them that you’ll be sure to be there on her wedding night to make sure she goes to sleep Kylie
  • You don’t see too many teenagers needing mum to help them get to sleep so I’m pretty sure they grow out of it! I’m taking all the cuddles I can get while bubs is little. Enjoy the cuddles:) Kat
  • You do what works best for your Family. Because what works for one might not be the best fit for another. Tanya
  • the best advice i was given was that i am the expert of my own child. everyone could give me advice but i was the one who knows my child best and knows what is right for them Carly
  • My best two pieces of advice were: To always listen to every piece of advice given – even the stuff that annoys me or the unsolicited advice, etc. Toss out whatever doesn’t work for you & go from there. (If you don’t listen, you could just miss the one piece if advice that you would have really loved to hear!) Also, to start as you mean to go. This has been a gem & has helped us avoid behaviours that we didn’t want to become habits Megan
  • My night time cuddle is what I most look forward to!! 10 mins max and my bubba is asleep! I don’t see the harm in that. She is so little and deserves to feel secure! Sarah
  • Cherish the cuddles for sure. I know it’s going to break my heart the day she doesn’t want me to sing her to sleep while holding her hand. It’s going to be a tough day emotionally for me lol. She’s 27 months and no sign of stopping anytime soon. She says gnight to her dad, we walk past her 4mo baby brothers room and she’ll blow kisses at his door then she gets into bed and I sit down and sing to her while we hold hands. It’s our time and I love it! :)) I cherish these young years and want to enjoy it the best way possible and if that means it’s going to take an extra ten minutes to get her to sleep, I’m happy ! She’s happy the rest doesn’t matter. I didn’t have children to take these special times for granted and worry about folding washing. I’m glad I read on here 2 years ago the best advice ever: ” cuddle and comfort your baby if they need or want it. Soon they will think your embarrassing or they’ll say, they’re too old for holding hands or bed time stories and you’ll wish you could go back and appreciate every moment you can. We shouldn’t expect little children AND babies to fall asleep like adults. The best kind of parent is a loving, caring, compassionate and patient parent” “listen to everything they’re trying to tell you no matter what it is. One day they won’t want you know know there business and may not want you for anytbing””Will you look back and think you did all you could, no way you could have done more?” “Regret is a horrible thing because you can’t go back in time” Laura
  • I’ve never met a child spoilt by their parents giving them to much love and affection. Spoilt comes from letting them get away with doing naughty things and giving them anything and everything they want. Love will not make a child spoilt. They are young once soak up all the cuddles because one day they will not cuddle you as often as now. I got told not to pick him up and cuddle him all the time, I kindly told them where to shove that. I’m sure bub will grow out of it for now enjoy it Samantha
  • If loving Is spoiling>LET ALL CHILDREN BE SPOILT! Carol
  • My children are all adults with young children of their own, each and everyone of them slept in the bed with me. they all moved quite easily to their own beds, and crept back occasionally as they grew, I say you are right, grab as many cuddles as possible, as they will soon move on.Thank God they still are close enough for me to grab the cuddles of both parents a grandchildren inclusive. Leslie
  • With my little girl(3months) she sleeps in her cot pretty much all night then when she wakes which is normally about 5ish in the morning I slip her into bed with me and feed her lying down and we both drift off to sleep till about 9ish I was told the same that she will continue to do this and that iv started a bad habbit Personally I love it and look forward to it every morning and I would do it for the rest of my life Sarah
  • We had a terrible time transitioning our toddler out of cot and self settling in toddler bed. Many arguments and tears later I realised that all my little boy was asking for was cuddles from his Mummy and Daddy. I thought that you don’t see any teenagers requiring cuddling to sleep so they will eventually grow out of it and just like you say, it won’t be long before they want nothing to do with us so I have decided to cherish every cuddle that is on offer. Our household is much more happy and settled now. Mel
  • My 22 month old son sometimes needs that extra bit of cuddles just to help him unwind of a night – 5/10 minutes of holding him and he’s calm and relaxed and goes off to sleep in his cot – I love that bonding time with him cos during the day he’s so much on the go it’s hard to get cuddles out of him – sitting in a chair hearing his breathing slow down as he goes into a state of sleepiness and he rests his head on my shoulder nothing could be better than that precious time with my son. Renee
  • This post is helping me as atm my 12mth ds is still waking about 2 -6 times a night and as probably everyone on here, I’m exhausted …. I’m in a struggle whether to move him to his own room and let him deal with it or just keep feeding him (bf) bk to sleep and me deal with it …. I feel from reading these posts I will just keep feeding as this will pass as it did with my dd now 3 …. Thank you – lol Leesa
  • I was told by my sister to listen to everyone’s advice, but only remember what is necessary and works for us Rachel
  • I have never seen a school student that needs cuddles to get to sleep … Will it really matter if you cuddle them too much ? Kayla
  • To make sure your kids can put themselves to sleep, was the best advice we got. I get plenty of cuddles, even in bed, but my kids go to sleep by themselves and all 3 have slept through from 6 months till 7am and only ever wake due to sickness. I understand people laying with their kids for sleep, totally understand and have no problem with it. But I love our kids ability to sleep Kristin
  • housework can wait – fun times to be had during the day while they are awake! So my house is always messy during the day! Marie
  • I figure my son might need cuddles now at 4 months to sleep but he won’t at age 8. Everyone keeps telling me how short this time is & how quickly it goes so I guess I’m going to enjoy my boy for now. Karlie
  • Best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was – listen to all the advice offered – use what suits you and discard the rest and if it doesn’t work try something else. Karen
  • Laying and cuddling my baby girl now. I just love the way her little hand sits on my chest. I’ve been told I’m creating a problem but it works for me and that’s all that matters. Natalie
  • If you can’t start your life being cuddled and to feel secure then when can you? Cuddle them away it’s what humans respond best too and we need more cuddly people in this world Natalie
  • My baby is 10weeks and most times I cuddle her to sleep-have been told the same thing,but reading these pages I realise not everyone approaches it the same way. I love cuddling her and have her fall asleep in my arms,she’s fine waking up in her bassinet so I’m going to keep doing what I want and feels right for us! Jamie
  • to be honest, i cant really remember any advice ive received in the past 2 years, as i tend to zone out when someone starts. My mum is/was my hero, so most of my child rearing will be along the lines of her mothering. Apart from that, i dont really want anyone else’s advice unless i Google it! Anon
  • I tried to get my three year old to snuggle on the couch & watch a movie last night. He wasn’t into it. So the nights that he wants me to lay in bed & cuddle, I’ll make the most of. Amie
  • I had to cuddle my daughter to sleep till she was 18 months old but once i got her into a toddler bed she was happy to go to sleep on her own and now puts herself to bed if she’s tired. So don’t let people tell you that your doing the wrong thing, your little girl will fall asleep on her own when she’s ready to. Sarah
  • I’ve never heard anyone complain they cuddled their kids too much or spent too much time with their kids. Kimmy
  • Agree with 2nd advice you got enjoy it now when there not teenagers and embaressed by cuddling there parents. People always judged me for doing it with all 3 of my kids when they went through seperation anxiety and cause they each slept in my room till 2. Glad I went with my instincts all mine slept through night always and were fine about going into own room. Go with your instincts mum always knows what’s best for her child. Stupidest advice I got was I should let them cry in cot it’s good for there lungs. No way I know what’s best for my kids. Glad I went with the cuddles instead. Rachel
  • my son is 14 months and still gets cuddles to sleep i see nothing wrong with it Sharna
  • My son is 2 1/2 and still co sleeps in our bed Cherish it do whatever works for you and just enjoy you baby girl Vanessa
  • I received 2 that I always pass on to new mummy’s. 1. What ever works. 2. Babies cry that’s all they know how to do. Zoe
  • I cuddle my boy when he’s having his bottle and falls asleep in my arms. But then I put him in his cot and walk out. But you do what works for you. I had so many relatives tell me their opinions and I always said ” no, I’ll do things MY way”. They were a bit offended but after so many people forcing those opinions you get sick and tired ( I’m from an Italian family, if that explains a bit more lol ) Emily
  • I always lay and cuddle my miss 3! Only takes 5 mins and like u said I’ll miss it one day! She will sleep by herself if I’m busy but we both prefer the cuddles
  • The greatest advice I ever received was “this, too, shall pass”. It reminds me that all the cuddles, early more snuggles in bed, sloppy kisses, and cute discussions about just WHY teddy needs to wear a nappy too won’t last forever – so I enjoy every second of them!! But is also comforts me that the pooey nappies, screaming tantrums (his, not mine!) and exhausting nights won’t last forever either. Emily


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