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Experience with Baby Umbilical Hernia’s

baby umbilical herniaLooking for other parents experiences with baby umbilical hernias.

Did it resolve by itself over time and if so what age was your baby when it did?

  • 99% of umbilical hernias will repair themselves by the age of 3-4 years old. My niece had a large one that disappeared by 4 years and my premmie son had one that was gone by 7-8 months. Karen
  • My son’s (which was a mild hernia) healed itself by about 3 months. When he started rolling and using his core muscles and the like. Kirralee
  • my little girl had one from about 4 weeks, was about 1 1/2 to 2cm and it resolved itself around 4-5 months! Nicole
  • My son had one from about 5 weeks, and it disappeared at around 8/9weeks. Vanessa
  • My DS developed one at around 4weeks at 5months it had gone down but he still has a small hole in the muscle. The paediatric surgeon said just to keep an eye on it as bowel could still get caught through the hole (but it is only a very small possibility of that) until approx 2yrs when the muscle should have fully healed over Monique
  • My LO developed one at about 4 weeks old. Now at 4.5 months it has completely resolved. Leanne
  • My daughter had one and it went away by itself when she was about 5/6 months. Our child health nurse said that they usually go away by the time they’re 1 Jessica
  • My son had one. It went away on it’s own. We just had to make sure his nappy was tight over it for a little while. Was prob gone by 3 months Bec
  • My son had a huge one. It started to go down all by itself at 3 months of age. Basically when he started trying to sit up and was constantly using his tummy muscles it pulled it back in. He is now 4 & a half months and it’s completely gone. Kiri
  • My 7 week old has one currently so I am also keen to know others experiences. Hers is quite large so we have been given a referral to see a surgeon, however I understand they generally resolve themselves by 2. So wait and watch for a while. Nicole
  • Our sons resolved itself, and at 13mo is pretty much nonexistent. My step neices did not had she had to have surgery at 2yrs old. Courtney

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