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Little baby boy being baptizedI’ve asked some of my very close friends to be my dd godparents. Is it protocol for me to give them a gift? If so what kind if gift is suitable?

  •  We didn’t do presents for godparents and have never received or expected one for being a godparent either. I’d never even heard of giving gifts until people started asking about it on these pages! Michelle
  •  Not a given at all, we did not give gifts for our children nor were we given gifts as godparent and certainly did not expect anything. We are in touch with all godparents on a weekly basis so they are a big part of our lives and as you would be with your friends. A gift would be a nice gesture but certainly not protocol. Jacinda
  •  I think it’s totally up to you. We haven’t for our 3 kids but every Christmas we/the god child makes a special gift just for them….. We also give them a framed copy of any professional family photos we get done through the year. Lauren
  •  normally they get a certificate issued by the church your child is christened in it isn’t customary to present a gift. Hannah
  •  I just gave the godparents a nice picture of them with my daughter in a frame as a thank you gift. Le’arne
  •  We gave our godparents a digital photo frame. No worries about matching decor & start from $30. Then they can pick what photos they would like to put on it As well as a thank you for being my godparent card Then after the christening a nice photo of them with bub Natalie
  •  I chose to give them small st christopher medals engraved with his initials and date of baptism on it. Got them during a 40% off sale so both and engraving for about $100. Rachael
  •  We are giving our god parents a charm with the childs name on one side and the christening date on the other from Honeydew & Violet. I think it is nice to give them something. They are becoming a part of your family and committing to be an important part of your childs life. We will also continue to give birthday and christmas presents  Ashleigh
  •  I gave our godparents a candle with our daughters name etc But it’s not required that you must give them anything, maybe just a thank you gift after the ceremony if you feel you want to give them something Rebecca
  •  I didn’t get them a present on the day but but a photo of them and godchild in a lovely frame and gave it to them afterward. Lesley
  •  Yes, I gave my daughter’s godparents a large frame with a photo from the christening day and a candle matching the christening candle. Bec
  •  We never did for either of our girls. BUT I have had customers who get baptism candles off me who have got little ones with the GP’s names on them as a keepsake Michelle
  •   I don’t think it’s protocol but its a nice gesture… Wen we had our newborns hands and feet moulded we got an extra frame done as a gift to them and they loved it… Symone
  •  Can anyone recommend any different godparent gift ideas? Want to stay away from the traditional gifts like a candle if possible.
  •  i brought my daughters male godparent a dog tag necklace with his name and then god father of “my daughter name” and her date of birth and then her female godparent a braclet with the same writing.they absloutley loved them Taylah
  •  I still recon a children’s bible. After all a godparent is supposed to support the child in Christian believes. Plus it is a religious celebration so I think the gift should be something to do with religion. My son got a beautiful cross to wear and a Noah’s arch money box. Tanja
  •  What about a first year photo album and each month send a new photo to be placed in the album maybe a photo with god parents at dif events or just fun visits making it a year long gift and also something they can treasure Jacqueline
  •  Frame tge first picture of them ‘meeting’ for the first time!! Add a poem scribed on the back Kristy
  •  Noahs Ark Joanna
  •  the godparents of our son gave us a beautiful silver knife that was engraved with his name, etc. we use it for every cake for him. Baptism, birthday, etc & we will do for his life. It was a wonderful personal idea & it sits in a beautiful moulded box set. It means they are at every celebration with him Rebecca
  •  there is a page on fb called candle jewels. It is a candle but also has a ring in it valued up to $7000. I think any godmother would love it. And they cost about $35. Not sure on postage cost. I am buying these for my kids teachers at christmas Patricia
  •  We got given an engraved frame with the date of the christening for our god son. Then they can put a photo from the day in there Kylie
  •  Both of our children’s godparents gave them books. They got a personalised book (like with their names incorporated into the story) each from one set and a lovely illustrated classic each from the other set. (Treasure island and wind in the willows) much nicer than something I’d have to polish! Kara
  •  Jewellery as suggested above but with bubs fingerprint engraved on it Erin
  •  Start a trust or bank account and put into that each birthday rather than presents when they turn 21 they should have decent savings to assist with Uni or buying a house etc. This is what my boys godmother does Michelle
  •  a lovely pendant with baby’s name engraved with date of christening/ naming day. Sabina
  •  For the Godfather: a silk tie or a man’s hygiene kit or a shaver. For the Godmother: candleholders or a necklace or monogrammed set of towels. Hope this suggestions can help you. Love & Best Wishes.  Raining
  •  If you’re into scrapbooking,there are a multitude of ideas you could create-short book/long book,choose a theme-eg: words of wisdom/growing up/what you all mean to each other. Mix n match everything-there’s no limits,that’s what I love! Jamie
  •  I got a photo of my daughter put onto a photo block (from snapfish.com.au) with a poem about being a godparent on it Sharyn
  •  I ‘made’ mugs from Harvey Norman with photos of my DD on them for ours. Really cute! Erin
  •  How about a photo session or a plaster mould of the bub’s hands/feet? Wendy
  •  We got bracelets with a charm – one side is the godparents name, the other is the christening date. Ashleigh
  •  I have Swarovski crystal angel sun catchers that make a great gift for guardians and god parents.www.butterflybeginnings.com.au and look under the specials tab or crystal gifts. Dionne
  •  We bought our DD god mother a bracelet… My daughter, her god mother & I all have a matching one which is symbolic item to connect us all whether we are close together or apart & god father we got a silver drinking mug engraved Jamie
  •  from a god parent we get christening cups. For a godparent then something like a nice photo to say thank you. Rebecca
  •  personalised bear from My Teddy Kylie
  •  Books books books books!!! Emma
  •  What about a hard bound collectors edition of childhood classic story with handwritten message to the child on the inside cover? Alice in wonderland, Winnie the Pooh collection etc…Marnie
  •  we bought my sister (my sons godmother) a St Christopher pendant with necklace and she wears it all the time (and she is bit religious) Amelia
  •  This may be a traditional gift but one of my sons godparents him a baptism certificate holder and engraved it  Rebecca
  •  a locket or something Hayley

What gift do you suggest for god-parents?

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