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Helmets for flat spot on baby’s head

flat head babyParents that have used a helmet to help the flat spot on their baby’s head, what are your experiences?

  • I never used a helmet for my sons but I did use a memory foam pillow specifically designed for flat spot correction which has done what it’s suppose to. I bought it from baby bunting. Kerry
  • My son had to have a helmet. He got it at around 9 months, so if only helped a little bit, but if used around 4-8 months they are known to make a huge difference as that is when babies heads are still doing alot of growing and developing id have to say it did help though, my sons flat spot was so bad by 9 months (doctors told me to leave it and it would fix itself) and he had plagiocephally, and the helmet made it pop out a little. The only downside to using it was it was summer when he had it which made him sweat ALOT and he was always trying to take it off. Oh and the stares from people out and about because no one really knew what it was for. If you have any questions though Jade
  • I didn’t use a helmet my son had a flat head I brought a mimos pillow especially designed for flat head I noticed a difference in just over a week Nicole
  • I didn’t use the Helmet but we did take our bubs to the chiropractor who corrected his flat spot. Wendy
  • My daughter had a helmet when she was 8 months, didn’t bother her or stop her from doing anything… she only had it for a couple of months… didnt fully correct it as she was older than when they usually recommend them as their skulls start to fuse from 8ish months but we didn’t see the physio and that til she was 7 months… but you can’t tell now she has hair… she’s 3 now… Ternaya

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