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How stay at home mums make money

Are you looking to bring in some money while staying at home?  We have a list of ways for stay at home mums to make money.  Online surveys can take anywhere from minutes to hours and are paid accordingly.  While you may not make a fortune, they are definitely worth considering.  Other options include doing market research for example product testing or focus groups to earn extra cash.

How stay at home mums make moneyOffline options for work from home include Airtasker jobs such as laundry, deliveries and any skills you have to offer.  Catalogue delivery in your local area can also be a way to make money and gain exercise, with weekend work an option.

Complete online surveys and get paid

  • It is important to be aware of privacy and consider the information you are sharing, look carefully at privacy statements.  Some people set up a separate email account for online surveys.  Businesses listed have not all been trialled and are here as options only, not recommendations.

Survey companies you could try

  • Vindalde
    •  Earn money for surveys, opening emails and referring friends
  • MyOpinions
    • Australian
    • payment in gift cards or vouchers
  • Pure Profile
    • Australian
    • Paid in gift cards, movie tickets or cash
  • Field agent
    • Australian
  • Sign up and fill out the questionnaires.  You will then be sent surveys that suit your profile.  You will be paid by PayPal or direct debit.  There is usually a minimum amount before you are paid out.

Paid market research

Get paid to do focus groups, taste testing, interviews etc.

Companies who offer paid market research in Australia


  • Laundry (wash, iron and fold washing), cleaning houses, picking other people’s kids up from school.

Catalogue delivery

  • Advantage: exercise while you earn money
  • Disadvantage: you will need to work through all weather
  • Simply search catalogue delivery and your closest town name to find your best option

If you are wanting to make a serious income then we have a series of articles on stay at home jobs for mums and dads wanting to get the work life balance working for them.

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