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Konmari your husbands life this Father’s Day

When it comes to spring cleaning, men aren’t always the first to put their hand up to get on with the task. Especially when it comes to cleaning up their undie and sock drawer. Yet year after year we still buy our dads socks and jocks for Father’s Day to add to the chaos. 

This year, as a Father’s Day gift to my hubby (hopefully he’ll see it this way) I’m going to KonMari our home, here are 10 ways I’ll be doing it.

  1. Gaming gear

    I’ll be organising these into clear plastic containers and labelling them with the contents. The random controllers, cords, speakers, keyboards will all have a home and won’t live in random spots around the house.

  2. The lunch tupperware

    I’m sure I’m not the only wife that has a cupboard full of tupperware containers that can truly be described as a plastic nightmare. However my wonderful hubby takes it a step further. He has taken a liking to not even bothering with the cupboard, he leaves clean tupperware up on the bench… to pile up and take space. I am going to create a spot in a drawer for his tupperware, stacked by size and use. 

  3. Clothing

    I’m doing a giant Marie Kondo pile of clothes he never wears. Clothes he’s had since before we met, don’t fit, are no longer in fashion and costumes (they all have random costumes they’ve kept from a dress up party they went to as a teen… why do they still have them?) I will be thanking them for serving him as per Marie Kondo’s technique then donating them to charity. 

  4. The socks and jocks drawer

    We’re saying goodbye to underwear and socks that have past their expiration date. You know what I’m talking about, the ones with holes, no elastic and can almost be classified as see-through? Yep, bye Felicia, you’re gone! To be replaced with a subscription of the most comfortable boxers from Underwear of Sweden delivered direct to your door. Then they will be folded and organised in the KonMari technique.


  5. Grooming

    It may live in your room, or in the bathroom but either way his grooming products need to be given a place to reside that is both convenient and don’t take up too much space. Aftershaves, deodorant hair gel etc will live in a basket in the bathroom while his electric shaver will go in the linen closet as it isn’t an every day use item. If your hubby uses his daily, give it a spot in the bathroom. 

  6. Bye bye books!

    I’m not a fan of throwing away books, but as a fellow book worm and collector of books, my hubby has kept every book he’s ever laid eyes on. He still has his collection of high school textbooks, uni textbooks and notebooks galore. They’re all going! Sorry hun, but at least we’ll have some nice shelf space for books we’re currently loving.

  7. Odds and ends

    Marie Kondo talks about everything needing a home. So keys, wallets, pens, spare change often finds itself on our countertop. I’ve decided these need a home and will create a tray out of a small box in his closet where he will find what he needs at the start of the day and a place to put them at the end of the day.

  8. Paper trail

    Most statements and bills are digital these days but we still get them in the mail. I’ve made sure to call our banks, energy and phone providers to change to digital that way we don’t have random bills lying around. It’s also a great way to turn your home into a more environmentally friendly one.

  9. The tools

    I won’t pretend to know what he needs or doesn’t so there won’t be a culling of the tools. If I did this, he may find his way to my makeup and decide I don’t need that… and let’s face facts. THAT CANNOT HAPPEN.  A new tool box with multiple compartments that can be rearranged and altered as his gadgets evolve ensure he has somewhere accessible that he can put them rather than putting bits and pieces around the house or in the garage.

  10. The collectibles

    Whether your hubby is like mine and collects toys, or as he calls them ‘action figures’, or vinyl records, or even DVDs, make sure they’re not hiding in boxes, and thrown into the spare room or garage. They’re his prized collection, so display them like this. On shelving, in his man cave, at work, wherever he can actually see them and acknowledge it is much better than being stored in a dusty box.

The KonMari process isn’t about getting rid of things, it’s about appreciating what you have. So why not include the hubby and kids in this process for the rest of the house?

The ultimate Father’s Day gift

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