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My Super Nanny to the rescue

In life making the right connections is something to strive for, both professionally and on a personal level.

Remember that high five you gave yourself when you discovered that your new boss shared a common interest, say your all-time favourite band. Or when you felt trepidation about going to your first Mother’s Group meeting, but made an instant connection with someone you now consider one of your closest friends.

Finding the right connection is what drives My Super Nanny. Making highly compatible matches between carers and families (who come in all shapes and sizes) is their business.

Unique search engine software is what sets My Super Nanny apart – it takes the hard work out of finding suitable matches by aligning the necessities (e.g. police clearance, drivers licence, first aid certification) and specific family needs (e.g. language, music, sports, lifestyle choices) with suitable candidates.

No longer does a family have to spend hours trawling through lists of carers on the web, or alternatively pay booking fees or a commission to have someone supply you with a carer. The only outlay with My Super Nanny is a charge of $6.95 dollars a month or $69 dollars a year. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.

All you need to do is jump onto the My Super Nanny website, register, and after a few simple steps there is a list of carers (ranked by compatibility) to contact and liaise with directly.

Not sure what to do with your short-list of candidates. My Super Nanny shares its wealth of experience in the field, with tips a plenty on choosing the best carer possible. Find helpful information on the childcare rebate, background checks, the interview process and reference checks. My Super Nanny even boasts a delicious recipe selection and a parent forum.

supernanny-pic-bodyMy Super Nanny Q&A

What if I don’t want a full-time nanny?

That’s ok. Nannies registered at My Super Nanny have different work categories, including full-time, part-time and occasional nannies, as well as weekend and before/after school childcare.

How is quality assured in the nanny pool?

My Super Nanny offers a feedback system for parents. Furthermore, any negative feedback is attended to immediately and personally.

How do I go about contacting a short-listed candidate?

My Super Nanny provides fast, efficient and safe methods for contacting carers on our protected platform.

I live in Perth, Western Australia. Does My Super Nanny cover this region?

My Super Nanny operates Australia wide.

This article was sponsored by My Super Nanny.

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