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introduce-day-careI was wondering when other mums put their babies into daycare to return to work, I would only be doing say 3 days a week to start with, did they hate it at first? did you do a couple of hours to start with then to half a day, then full days? my girl is 10 months,

  • Our DD was 6mo. Bub started daycare the week before I started back – allowed me to be relaxed about drop off etc. I picked her up a little earlier (ie 4pm instead of 5.30). Bub was fine. Loved it, still does. Sarah
  • I started my lil ones around 10 mths about 3 wks before I returned to work. I went for a few hrs with them the first day & left them for a half day 2-3 times and increased the hrs over the following weeks. By the time I started work she was doing the full hrs. She would cry when I left but seemed to settle fine! Now 16mths she adores family day care! Doesn’t cry when I leave and has a ball. My 3yr loves it too. It is hard on us mums but I think if u find the right carer then you will all bring it from the experience good luck x Eva
  • I’m back at work my little girl is 8.5 months. She goes to her nan 2 days a week she is fine there. From the 23 rd June I will be doing 3 days so she will be in day care. I’m starting her the week before so she knows that’s what happens ( I work at the centre) she will only be doing 8.30-3 ish. I’m hoping she will be ok. She sought of knows a few of the teachers in the room. As a child care worker, if u can start with a few hours/ half days. This will help her settle and you won’t seemed rushed when u do drop offs. Jo
  • My lo goes to family day care and I did casual hours first to get her to settle in for a few weeks and then went to 3 days. Stephanie
  • I just went through this process.. I started about 5 weeks before I was due to go back to work. We did 2hr increments with the week before I was due to return to work being a full day… This made things so much easier for me on my first day as I knew my DD was familiar with the lady and she was familiar with my DD… Good luck Cindy

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