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When did you start offering solids before milk?

Food before milkWhen did you start offering solids before milk?

  •  I was advised by midwives milk before solids until 9 months then solids first.    Miranda
  •  A mother baby unit in Melb recommends solids before milk at 10 months.    Daniela
  •  Only now and she’s 11 months.    Angelique
  •  From the time she was allowed solids. I would use some of her formula to mix in the solids (breakfast) and then once she finished her what cereal she wanted I would then give her the rest of the bottle. My little one was always smart and knew how much she wanted. She’s never over eaten till she makes herself sick.   Carol
  •  At  4 months. LO wasn’t interested in trying solids if she was full on milk so I would try solids jut as she began showing hunger cues. Worked a treat she now (@ 9 months) has cereal with fruit upon waking and sometimes skips a mid afternoon bottle in favour of solids.   Lisa
  •  My CHN told me the other day 8/9months is when you can swap them around. It then gives bub a few months practice before they turn 1 and b/milk or f/milk isn’t necessary.   Bee
  •  At 8 months so he would sleep through the night. Milk was before nap or bed but he had to be awake for at least 10 minutes before going down so he wasn’t going to sleep on milk.   Suzy
  •  12 months.   Eila
  •  At 4 1/2 months. I found if dd was full on milk she wouldn’t try solids. Now it’s a routine for her – solids then about 15 mins after she has a bottle.   Sez

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