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Playschool helps children understand death and grief

Talking to our kids about death can be tricky. This and the ‘where do babies come from’ conversations are the ones we try and steer clear from for different reasons. …

Fearless Folder - Protect yourself and your family

Fearless Folder – Protection for your family if you die

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you were to die or be incapacitated? That you would need a ‘Fearless Folder’ of important documents organised …

Syphilis outbreak

Syphilis epidemic in Queensland killing babies

In the past six years, six babies in Queensland have died from syphilis – an STD that had been nearly eradicated in 2000. Cairns sexual health clinician Dr Darren Russell …

Dealing with losing a loved one and explaining it to little ones

Q&A: tough question but we are about to lose my granddad and my kids are only 4 and almost 1