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merino kids duvet weight sleeping bag

Merino Kids sleeping bag

Kristin reviews the Merino Kids duvet weight sleeping bag with her 6 month old. She loves the adjustable armholes and the soft, high quality fabric

creating positive sleep associations

Creating Positive Sleep Associations

Sleep Consultant Tips On Creating Positive Sleep Associations. Sleep associations can be positive or negative, here are some tips to creating positive associations and helping your baby sleep.

sleeping bag review

A sleeping bag to save your sleepless sanity?

Baby Sleeping Bag Review – save your sanity

from swaddling to sleeping bag

From Swaddling to Sleeping Bag – Making the Move

If you’re wondering how long to swaddle your baby for, the answer will be different for different babies. It is usually recommended to stop swaddling baby when they start to roll over on their own and are needing their hands/arms to roll themselves back over. Here are some tips to make the move easily.