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Merino Kids sleeping bag

merino kids duvet weight sleeping bagI’ve been using the Merino Kids duvet weight bag now for about 2 weeks sporadically (Melbourne weather means all sorts of temperatures day and night ).

I must say on first impression opening the parcel I thought holy moly its enormous! However once I had it on my 6 month old it’s perfect sizing as the armholes are adjustable (something I’ve not seen before but ingenious to ensure longevity!)

Adjustable armholes – GENIUS

The attention to detail on this bag is great! The quality of the fabric is amazingly soft and super comfortable. The large sections of fabric covering the ends of the zips ensure no scratching & the (boning) sections where you put the seatbelt through are a very clever idea! Every other bag I have (& I have a lot) have stretched at these points when threading belts through & look terrible, the Merino does not – both of these are small but fabulous details that make this bag worth its weight in gold in my opinion!

Doesn’t stretch when putting a seatbelt through

When using the bag I originally thought my son would wake constantly because up until now we’ve had to (tightly) tuck him in to keep him asleep, the little wriggle worm would always get out of his blankets & wake up. However, the weight & thickness of the Merino bag meant when I put him in his cot without blankets & not only did he not get cold, the weight of the bag gave him the security & feeling of having a blanket on.

The weight of the blanket adds a feeling of security

These Melbourne mornings have been so cold that I’ve even been putting him in it for school drop off.

In a nut shell I highly recommend the Merino duvet weight sleeping bag to anyone looking for a high quality, long lasting sleeping bag for their child. I’m now finding myself only using this bag while the others have all but been pushed to the back of the wardrobe.


Find out more about the Merino Kids duvet weight.

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