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Child care rebate and vaccination: No needles? No money!!

fear of injectionsVaccinate now or say goodbye to your childcare rebate!
Australian families could soon find the absent sting of a vaccinating needle may result in a far bigger pain in their already stretched wallets.

Vaccinations are undoubtedly a topic that provokes strong opinions but in a step that perhaps shifts the balance to the pro-vaccination camp the Productivity Commission has this week recommended that parents who do not vaccinate should not be entitled to the Commonwealth Childcare Rebate.

The Daily Telegraph commented on the recommendation, ‘Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children must be stripped of childcare payments unless their care is quarantined to the family home…’ but with it being near impossible to claim the CCR for in-home care (e.g. via a Nanny) this leaves anti-vaccers out in the cold for support with their family childcare arrangements.

Controversial politician Bill Shorten has supported the Commission’s recommendation commenting “Kids deserve to grow up safe and healthy. I’m not comfortable with the idea of subsidising people who put kids’ health at risk” and Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison expressed that he was open to considering it.

In NSW Childcare Centres already have the right to exclude families who chose not to vaccinate, it will be interesting to see if other State’s follow suit if this recommendation is implemented. Not just due to government and pro-vac lobby pressures but also due to financial risk. After all a family that is guaranteed a $7,500 rebate is a much more certain bet for prompt weekly payments…

Do you support this recommendation? Do you believe the government has a right to influence our parenting decisions with financial incentive (or lack of it?) Yes or No? 

Daily Telegraph

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