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What age did you start brushing your children’s teeth?

iStock_000009477491XSmallWhat age did you start brushing your children’s teeth and what age did you start using toothpaste? Do you encourage your children to rinse and spit out their toothpaste?
Please include any websites or references you used to help make your decision.

  •  My son is 10.5 months and I brush his teeth. I don’t use toothpaste though.  Erin
  •  As soon as the first tooth came through with a baby toothpaste.  Carmen
  • My daughter is 11 months and I let her have a go at brushing her teeth then she lets me have a go lol no toothpaste yet though only water.  Kate
  • My daughter is 15months she has about 10 teeth we brush every morning and night (in the bath) but don’t use toothpaste yet because she eats it.  Larissa
  • They suggest you start as soon as bub has teeth. If you buy children’s toothpaste it says 4 years and over. Charmaine
  •  I started brushing my little ones teeth when she first got them first with just water, then milk teeth toothpaste when she was 1. Try to get her to spit and rinse doesn’t always work though. Suzi
  •  No toothpaste until she could spit.  Keely
  •  My kid is 8 months with 8 teeth already, I use a tiny bit of baby toothpaste and baby toothbrush, she loves it lol. Baby toothpaste is designed not to be rinsed and spat out; it says that on the box!  Zoe
  • Started as soon as bub had teeth (4 months) about 6 months introduced a tiny scrape of milk teeth toothpaste.   Jamie
  •  As soon as they have teeth they suggest you start brushing. If there is Fluoride in the water you don’t need toothpaste otherwise use a small amount of baby toothpaste. Megan
  •  I think I should be using toothpaste for my 14 month old but all the toothpaste that says 12+ months plus says she should spit. It’s impossible to get her to spit she doesn’t get it. She just swallows coz of taste. Can anyone advise if it’s ok to Use when she doesn’t spit. Asked on other post but can’t see comment now??? Thanks.  Donna
  •  My daughter is 18 months I started brushing them when she was about 10 months then when she turned 1 I used tooth paste! Every morning I say ” it’s time to brush your teeth ” she loves it stops what she’s doing and we brush our teeth together she spits when I spit she rinses her mouth out when I do then puts her tooth brush back and we leave so cute.   Emily
  •  Mia is 10 months old and only just got her first tooth, so we have started brushing her tooth! No toothpaste, just water.   Nicole
  •  Use milk teeth. That for all age babies. Bianca
  •  My dd is nearly 6m & has 2 teeth. I let her brush them with a pigeon 1st toothbrush. I hold the toothbrush with her for a minute & make sure the teeth get brushed & she seems to like it. No toothpaste. Kylie
  •  As soon as they had a chomper I got them chewing on a toothbrush to start and after they had finished I would quickly brush it or them. Lisa
  •  Donna, we use the tiniest scrap, more to get her used to the taste of toothpaste. Isn’t enough to froth up in her mouth, let alone spit.   Jamie
  •  Started when my daughter got teeth, just before her first birthday, we use the milk toothpaste, we let her brush her teeth and then we do it afterwards make sure she got all her teeth (: Samantha
  • I was also told by my dentist to avoid children’s toothpaste like the plague, you can use a tiny bit of regular toothpaste from age 1 (using just water before that). Stacey
  •  There are also organic toothpastes which don’t matter if they spit. Google jack n Jill toothpaste (one I know of).  Jamie
  •  Milky teeth my 19 month old wont spit it out but it’s safe to swallow. Krystyn
  • We started brushing when our son got his first tooth with just toothbrush and water and now he has all his teeth for his age at 17 months we use baby tooth paste, we have had the same tube for about 6 months and it’s still full.  Nicole
  •  I gave mine a tooth brush to chew on regardless of teeth both ends are good for teething. As for toothpaste I follow the recommendations on the tubes. Once they have teeth I try to not interfere too much but make sure we occasionally help them. They are too young for mouth was but they think drinking water out of a Listerine cup is fun. Rebecca
  •  Started letting kids chew on the toothbrush with a tiny bit of milk teeth toothpaste as soon as first tooth cut. As they get older they should spit but never rinse… The fluoride in the toothpaste should remain in mouth for extra guard on the teeth. Jas
  •  As soon as teeth appeared. Herbal toothpaste…never with regular especially never with fluoride. .always with filtered water. Sarah
  •  As soon as they get teeth…..the toothpaste, if Colgate and MacLean’s says right there on the package that it doesn’t contain sugar. Tegan
  •  My 1yr old has the 4 up the top and 4 down the bottom. I use just a regular adult toothbrush and regular adult toothpaste.. Kathleen
  •  As soon as they got them, also for places like the midlands use normal toothpaste as we have higher amounts of fluoride in the water. X  Nikki
  •  It’s recommend to start when baby is born in the bath with a face washer on the gums to get them used to it. Moving onto a toothbrush when or around eruption of teeth no paste needed. But start using toothpaste milk tooth so that they get used to the flavor. I always let them have their own brush and I have one to there is no fighting and they can chew and destroy their one. Bree
  • I brush my 14 month olds 16 teeth just with water; I’m considering starting with toothpaste. Fiona

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