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When did you first take your baby swimming?

baby swimmingJust wondering how many weeks/months did you wait before taking your baby swimming in both public and private pools?

  • We waited till 4 months so he’d had his first needles. He’s been in public & private pools regularly since then & he loves it & we havent had any issues with the clorine. Vicky
  • I waited till 8 months only as this is when swimming lessons s__tarted. The owner of the pool said they dont have children in the pool if they are under 6 months Isabel
  • We started at 4 months urge didn’t like it till 6 months, so maybe that’s a better time to start. Rachael
  • My little guy was 8 weeks after first round of needles for a public pool. If your going in a private pool age doesn’t matter as much, just make sure it isn’t to cold. Remembering Bub can’t regulate their own temp yet. Jodie
  • 6months Pixie
  • Two months Sarah
  • We had our girl in a private pool at 9 weeks and public at 12.. But in both i do my best to keep water out of her mouth.. Shes 15 weeks now and absolutely LOVES the pool and she’ll float happily on her back and doesn’t freak out so I think we made the right decision starting her early as we’re very much a swimming family Madalyn
  • After their six week needles i probably didnt go public for a week or two but thats because we just didnt bother but one day we decided it was to hot and went and she loved it alot more then the home pools. Katisha
  • At 13 weeks we were in the local hydrotherapy pool for Mums and Bubs class – the 3rd lesson the hydro pool was closed so they warmed the normal 25m pool and we used that. She loves it and sleeps really well after! I’d heard once you’ve had first vaccinations u should be right so that’s what we did and (touch wood) we’ve had no problems Bree
  • 10 weeks. Crystal
  • We waited until after our boy had his 8 week needles in home pool. But did one week of swimming lessons at a public pool just after he was 3 months. He now goes to the same pool every Saturday for lessons and is almost 6 months. We just didn’t let any water get into his ears the first couple of times. Cassandra
  • My son was about 2 months in a public hotel pool. We had given him his first shots. Cambria
  • when u think is right time I started early with my first he loved it till 16 mths then all of a sudden he hated it Wendy
  • I was paranoid about germs, etc. My little one had her first swim, in my sister’s pool, on her 1st birthday. Linda

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