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When to start baby swimming lessons

baby swimming lessonsWhen did you you start baby swimming lessons with your baby? What age were they?

  • 5 months and loved it! Bec
  • my boys (2yo & 5mo), both started at 4mo. With our youngest boy, we started some of the water conditioning techniques at around 3mo, to get him used to the water more for when he began lessons Amanda
  • 4.5 months Tanya
  • We stared at about 7months. Would have done it earlier but wanted it to be warmer weather even though the pools are heated I didn’t want him out in the cold after being in the water. Some places start from 4/6months. Kirsten
  • My eldest girl started swimming lessons at 4 months and my baby girl at 5 months. Kerri
  • My daughter was 8 months when we started swimming lessons but had been in a in pool a few times before that. Cassandra
  • We started swimming lessons ay 12 weeks old. It has been fantastic. We are still going at 15 months. He is a great little swimmer and just loves the water. Jenna
  • We started at 2 months. A lot of the lessons themselves for the first 2 months were dedicated to how parents can be comfortable in the water with baby and water safety as well as getting baby used to the water. He is 5 months now and loves swimming lessons, no fear of the water at all Deirdre
  • My kids started swimming lessons age 3 when i didn’t need to get in the pool with them Nikki
  • 8 weeks old, she loves the water Carmen
  • 10 weeks, he’s now 7 months and he is amazing in the water loves it so much! Penny-Lee
  • Approx 6 months old. I did this till she was 1 then had 6 months off then went back this term when she was 18months old. I couldnt believe she remembered all the signals and has thrived in the water this term i have been truely amazed! Shiree
  • 6 months old Kristy
  • Started swimming lessons at 3months Sayya
  • 3 months old Sam
  • 18mnths for my first, but I’m thinking I will just spend as much time as i can with my 2nd now 14mnth old. I honestly think it’s a waste of $$ until they are truly old enough to understand what’s going on and actually learn life-saving skills and strikes etc. at the younger age it’s just playing , “learning” to go to side of pool and getting them used to water, which you can do yourself Amanda
  • 5 months. That’s when I felt she was ready. A lot of places do 4 weeks free before 6 months and some places do free lessons up to 6 months so you could start at 3 or 4 months and get lots of free lessons Lauren
  • We started at 6 months. She lives the water, and is learning to closer her mouth when she goes under the water. She’s 8 months now. Brianna
  • My first daughter 4 months & my second daughter will start term 1 next year at 4 months. At 3 my older daughter is independent in the water with a wahu vest (always supervised of course) & this is important to us as we live at the coast & have a boat. Trish
  • Baby bond classes at about 12 weeks of age Cherie
  • I only put one of my kids into swimming lessons and he was about 5/6mnths old. He hated it. Amy

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