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Working from home? What do you do? How did you go about it? Any advice deciding what to do? Things to investigate?

  • I work for Oasis Homewares who is now one of Australias fastest growing party plan companies, they are fabulous, their products are simply amazing and the support you get from the company is great. I knew after having my second child that I had to find an outlet and I had to make new friends and I wanted a bit of extra income for myself so party plan made sense and I wanted to do something different not something that everyone has already seen a million times before. I know party plan is not for everyone and it does require you to be self motivated (like any work from home business) but it is very rewarding and the amount of new friends I have made is amazing, I love what I do and would be more then happy to share info with anyone who might be interested 🙂  Casey
  • It’s HARD work! I try to do the most in the morning when my bub is in her best mood 🙂 I get to her bedtime (7pm) and I’m buggered, I just don’t have the energy. Whereas I know a friend works at night when her 3 under 4 go to bed. Her hubby helps out a lot. I usually do a few hours a day every day of the week but I’m paid for two days at home. Some days are better than others and it’s a bit tough to fit in house work too!  KJ
  • Im a creative memories consultant where I can work my hrs around my family and I can take Bub with me a lot of the time if hubby working its great fun teaching people to make photo safe albums and seeing people’s faces when they get there old photos out and hearing the story to can all ways check out our website www.creativememories.com.au or contact me I’m happy to share this with anyone and would love people to join my team and earn extra income and meet new people. Julieanne
  • Become an Avon representative. My mum does that and she has 3 of us. Although I’m older and have my own child on the way. My dad is quite sick and my mum works at a school during the day. She finds it pretty easy. She goes around once a month handing out the magazines and then again to pick up the orders. She does it all online and when everything comes to her house she drops the orders off at the houses. It’s not much but it’s wetter than nothing I gues! I’m also thinking about joining the Avon team. Renae
  • I run my own virtual assistant business. I do admin related work for small businesses at home. Check out my Facebook page by searching: Personally Yours Virtual Assistant. I get most of my work done when my husband gets home from work and is having one on one time with our baby boy, or when bubs is in bed 🙂 Sarah
  • Start up costs have to be small and has to be something you really will enjoy doing. I am a massage therapist and established my business years ago so I already had equip and training done so starting up again after having my son was relatively easy. My advice would be Avon or Homecare distributer as there are no party-plan hassles and you take on as much business as you like (depends how many houses you distribute to).  Leah
  • I do family day care I have 4 of my own children and love the fact I get to be with them everyday, pick my own working hours all while getting a income! It’s great for want to stay at home mums 🙂 Kylie
  • I do nutrimetics www.nutrimetics/taniaperry.com.au there is a 199 dollar cost involved for your kit but the products are worth close to 400 you can work your own hours and do it from home you ccan be an at home seller/buyer or you can do parties when you can. Pm me if ypu would like more details I also deliver catalogues great exercise and a bit of extra pocket money. That should have been www.nutrimetics.com/taniaperry for more info. Tania
  • Can’t see it either Melissa? Is there something that you love to do then try and create your own little business out of that. Whether it be making gift cards, designing birth announcements if you love it try it as a business. Belinda
  • I too done family day care always there for my own kids. Josie
  • You really need to do what you love and what you are good at. It is a lot harder than f/t work or working for someone else as you need to be super self-motivated. I have my own business in recruitment but have been working in the industry for a number of years. I have 2 days/week where my son is in daycare and the rest I work in sleeps and at night, etc. the phone is always on – I have to be available! Anna
  • I am about to begin working from home, I am starting The Body Shop at home.  Emma
  • I have my own hair wig business that I run online (website and also eBay). Have been running it for over 6yrs now with the original goal that I could work from home when I start a family (which I now have a 3 month old). the idea is to find something I didn’t need to spend too much time doing each day, and have been able to grow it each year. Purchase the stock straight from the manufacturing company cuts out the middle man/extra expenses (and selling online/eBay gets local and international buyers).  Bec
  • Hi I’m a distributer for it works body wraps, I absolutely love the products & love selling to others (product really sells itself) please PM me for more details or take a look at my FB & Web page, always looking for consultants all over Australia 🙂 http:/slimntrimin45.myitworks.com or http:/facebook.com/slimntrimin45  Serena
  • I’m a stay at home mum and I look after my girlfriends little girl while she works. It’s saves a fortune in daycare fees and I also get paid as well:)  Emma
  • Family day care 🙂 bringing up my own children at the same time as others…love it!  Marie
  • I am a stay at home mum working in my own consultancy business for doTERRA Essential oils and products. I fell in love with these products and decided to become a consultant as I didn’t want to go back to work. I work in the evenings and only need to do an hour if that a day. doTERRA are so flexible and they allow you to do pretty much what you want, apart from sell in stores (but they are working on this, and will be allowing it soon). I do markets and they are the best way of getting my name around. You can market on facebook, create your own personal websites, do work shops, at home consultations, provide products to salons, it really is endless. I am always looking for new team members to join my growing business. I love my job, so happy I made this choice 😉 www.mydoterra.com/staceymousley  Stacey
  • I branched on my hobby found other things that could be sold that were in the same category (in my case I go for natural products) I didn’t have high expectations going in as I knew it would be a building process, I aimed for a sale a week then 2 and now aim for $50 a week in sales profit, it doesn’t seem like much but when I was working part time, paying fuel and other work associated costs and child care, I was only about $70 a week better off anyway, plus, I calculated and it works out to e enough to cover school and swimming fees each year, I’ve only been open since July, some weeks are fantastic and others are painfully slow, I love vistaprint for cheap personalised items such as business cards and logo design, catch of the day often have deals where you can pay $15 for a $75 dollar voucher at vistaprint, when this happens I get a voucher or two and stock up, window stickers, car magnets, return address labels letterheads, it’s been a godsend for me and has really helped to keep my start up costs down 🙂 Melissa
  • I started to investigate getting a proofreading / editing biz started up & then my eldest was ill & i fell pregnant with my second. I’m still so busy taking the eldest to his therapies & don’t know when i will get back into my old profession (marketing & communications). It’s frustrating being out of the industry for so long – no one wants you when you’ve forgotten practically everything. I’d like to investigate who would have little editing/proofing jobs with a long deadline because most enquiries i had all wanted an extremely quick turnaround which i found impossible with so much on my plate. Oh well maybe next year if DS can get into school.  Erica
Do you work from home? How have you managed to make it work?

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